Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I wish I can invent KUMOT

Last week, I was involved in a killing spree.  And boy, it was bloody!

Hep… hep! Before you call the police and the barangay tanods, I would like to make it clear that no humans were murdered but some were hurt pero parang kagat lang ng lamok. Actually, everyone only got mosquito bites in the process.

I asked two guys in our neighborhood to help me improved our kitchen ---- place tiles on the floor, paint the walls and moved out some clutters.  In the process, we disturbed a family of mosquitos that I was surprised was able to get through our screened door.

The next scene was the group Tres Amigos clapping, slapping themselves and cursing on these flying insects.  After a few minutes, several dead bodies of mosquito (few unrecognizable) are scattered on the floor but not without one of us getting bitten by one of its kind.  My friend just hoped that, “sana wala ‘tong dengue.”

His words made me paused for while and felt a bit of fear in me.  I have a 2-year old son who basically spend almost every hour of the day inside the house.  Even with the anti-mosquito lotion, insect sprays and other stuff made available in our home, I wish there are more alternatives offered in the market.

Then, I saw this question raised in www.vintersections.com: If ever you’re given a chance to invent something (that was not created yet), what would it be and why?

I have always thought that if only I have the opportunity (and enough resources, of course), I would like to tap the possibility of inventing a mosquito-killer blanket that has the ability to kill mosquitos and other insects that will dare step on it.

I want to develop a fabric that contains a scent that can attract mosquito then when they touch the cloth, a human-friendly toxin embedded in it will stick in the feet or mouth that can kill them within hours.

Here are some anti-mosquito plants that I saw at Manila Seedling Foundation that can be used in this project: (1) Rosemary, (2) Chamomile, (3) Citriodora, (4) True Lavender, and (5) Citronella Tree.

I even made a packaging for this product that I hope can save thousands of lives especially in dengue-prone areas in the country.  I want to call this product as Blanket in a Box or KUMOT (Kills Undesirable Mosquitos & Other Threats).

The government can also work on this and can even distribute this for free with partnership with generous private companies.  Suddenly, I realized that things like these is a necessity for our kababayans in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City who until now have hundreds of people homeless and are just staying in gymnasiums and basketball courts.  This mosquito-killer blanket will be a great protection to both adults and children from diseases brought by mosquito like dengue and malaria.

Now, mosquito killing spree will be less bloody!


Cha said...

For years, nobody notice the need for a more innovative anti-mosquito product. This will be a big hit if ever. Produce it now. Believe that you will succeed, and you will!


Anonymous said...

Hi! May I ask where in Manila Seedling did you find the anti-mosquito plants (1) Rosemary, (2) Chamomile, (3) Citriodora, (4) True Lavender, and (5) Citronella Tree? I was there last Tuesday but unfortunately I wasn't able to find chamomile. I asked several of the stores but they didn't have it (though I might have just been asking in the wrong area.) I hope you can help me out. Thanks~! ^^ - bellevillecafeph@gmail.com

Richard Mamuyac said...

Hi Anonymous... it's been 5 years ago since I went there. But I heard that you can buy chamomile plant at the commercial plant propagators at the Quezon City Monument, near the Manila Seedling Bank.

Hope this helps. Thanks