Thursday, December 22, 2011

I was about to win a cool gadget but I need to go (A daddy blogger’s dilemma)

Have you ever experienced watching your favorite TV program where the protagonist is about to reveal a secret that has puzzled you for months and then all of a sudden your area got hit by a black out? How about eagerly waiting for the last play of your favorite basketball team in an attempt for a winning basket then you got an important phone call that you really need to take?

‘Tis the season that moments like this happen since almost everyone has a lot of stuff to attend to during these times.

Well, I got hit with one of those moments a couple of weeks back when I attended the Bloggers Night 2011 – Brands that Clicks in Astoria Plaza in Ortigas, Pasig City where some of the well-known tech companies not only exhibited their coolest and latest products, they also raffled away a lot of “goodies” that will make any tech geek salivate.      

The presenters were Archos, ASUS, BenQ, Cooler Master, JBL, Kingston Technology, Power Color, Razer and Sandisk. Below are the products that were presented that night.

Bloggers got to try out some of these products and a few lucky ones were able to take home a gadget  because organizers raffled out at least one gadget from each of the nine presenters that participated in the event.  It was a fun-filled event where we were able to discover new stuff about the latest technology in the market today.

Just like in other events, how you’d wish your name will be called in the raffle at the later part so you have a great chance of getting a “big” prize.  Although in this event, the first surprise that was given away was an Archos tablet that really made quite a lot of ohhhs and ahhhs. 

Then, minor prizes were thrown in to hype up some other “big” stuff to be given away to lucky attendees.  I was not called when they raffled dozens of optical mouse, usb drives and other items.  Just when it was the time to pick the winners of bigger prizes, I got a text message from my wife asking me to go home already since our son Charles has been vomiting the whole evening (Later, his pedia found out that he was inflicted with gastroenteritis). 

I was a little hesitant to go out of the room since I have a gut felling that I will be called during the raffle in any given moment.  But the image of my son vomiting and calling out my name was playing in my head that made me decide and go home without waiting for the raffle draw to finish.

And just what I thought, my name was called.  Not once but TWICE.  A fellow blogger texted me to inform me about this. 

Oh well, there’s always a next time.  After all, parties come all year round.  I may not able to bring home any cool gadget that night, I got to meet and had had fun with my blogger friends. Also, I was able to comfort and take care my son who even though looked exhausted in vomiting several times that night, he still tried to smile while repeatedly asking, “Charles sick?”    

All I have to do is to tell him that he’ll get well in no time if drink his medicine and we’ll play with his toy helicopter in the morning.  He’d hug me and tap on my shoulder gently as if saying, “I’ll be okay daddy” 

Now that's my first prize!

(After a week, Charles got back his groove) 


Scribbles by Raisie said...

ganyan na po talaga pag may mga anak, lahat gagawin para sa kanila. there's always a next time ikanga...

Richard Mamuyac said...

Yup. Tama ka diyan. Thanks for visiting my site :)