Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

This year, Influential Blogger by Ms. Janette Toral continues with its annual quest to find the emerging influential blogs. Now in its forth year, all bloggers are invited to send in their nominees so those who truly deserves will be recognized.

Below is my list of nominees based on my taste. Actually, these blogs have influenced me in one way or another:

KaBlog! ni K Brosas - Yes, that funny girl K Brosas has a blog and his Dear Tehhh saga is a blast! It's like reading a script of her upcoming stint at your favorite comedy bar.

Totoy Henyo - This blogger from the South posts stupidly funny ways to survive life. Reading his posts alone will make you wanna live longer to be able to get a dose of his unusual yet amusing ideas.

TV Series Craze - I am a certified couch potato but never have a chance to do a TV marathon lately. Good thing this blog exists and I am updated of what is happening in the boob tube.

Brew of the Day (Musings of a Coffeholic Teacher) - I had this dream when I was a kid that I will be a teacher someday so I much as well hear some (dis)encouragement from this teacher online.

Paolo Dome - Three F's to describe this blog: Funky, Fresh and Fun (and not that F you're thinking of).

The Music Vlogger: Rabsing - It's raining again these days. Maybe I have to stop singing in the bathroom. I'll just have a bite of the latest tasty bits in the music biz via this blog.

Chuck Norris is the Best Man I Ever Know - I grew up watching Chuck Norris films and it was only this year that I found some unknown facts about my hero through this blog dedicated in breaking the hearts of every Norris fan

Jay.eLx - A movie blog where one can read good recommendations on what's hot and what's not in the world of silver screen. That will save you at least Php 150 worth of ticket from a what-the-heck film.

My Puzzle Piece - I found this blog as an exciting piece in the blogosphere. It's like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get since it's just about anything under the sun!

Mapanghingi ka ba? (Freebie for every Juan) - I was surprised that a contest blog can be a venue to find new friends. Maybe because I don't only post promos and freebies. I want my readers to hear what I really think about it. That's why I am nominating my blog where I get some comments and emails of appreciation for the heads up and tips I gave re different promotions.

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JL Santiago Aquino said...

hi! :) If you're list is not complete yet, I would recommend to check out my blog at JAY-ELX.BLOGSPOT.COM

Started as a personal in September of 2009, this blog already received more than 25,000 hits according to StatCounter. Gained a Pagerank 3 and an Alexa Rank of 6,170 in PH (991,330 Worldwide) It also always at the upper Top 15 of TopBlogs.com.ph in it's category. With 111 blog post, this blog already received 761 blog comments.

This blog also has premiere night access to Walt Disney Films, Columbia Pictures & Warner Bros movies. Through this blog I was able to attend 3 presscons and premiere nights at Star Cinema & several Viva Film movies. To prove that I don't made this blog to gain money from it, I only put ads on it this month July 2010, after almost 9 months :) Hope you can consider my blog :D

Richard Mamuyac said...

Hi Jay-L... yup, i did read some of your reviews in the past.

Already added your as one of my nominees... good luck and more power!

Pao said...

Hi, I noticed that your list is not yet complete so I'll take this opportunity to plug my tiny blue-blog - http://www.paolodome.co.cc/ . I hope you'll consider it to be on your list. It would be my honor if my blog will be one of your nominees. Thanks and Godspeed!

FinLust said...


I hope you include my music vlog, rabsing.com, in your list. Check it out, you might like it...

Thanks :D

Richard Mamuyac said...

Hi Rabsing and Paolo!

Done na! Good luck!

CaptainRunner said...

Good luck sa iyong nominees!

Pao said...

Hi astig316, wew! Thanks! Your write up is effin' cool! Haha, I'm a true F. *big grin*

FinLust said...

@astig316: hahaha! you write funny...thank you for nominating... I will link you back to my music vlog! thanks :D

TV Series Craze said...


Hope you can add my link in your list! Here:


Thank you friend!

Totoy Henyo :: Pogi said...

wow...Thank you very much for including my blog here. My blog is new and its amazing that someone recognized it.