Thursday, July 1, 2010

How BUM am I?

I am BUM in so many ways...
I am in front of the Boob tube Until Midnight.
I listen to Banging Underground Music.
And I love to Buy Unique Merchandises.

I have been this BUM since my college years and proud of who I am. Some might see me differently with my preferred lifestyle but that is my individuality. I am glad that there is a line of apparel that suits my taste.

I have been a fan of BUM Equipment for many years now because its designs fit my idea of a clothing line that is “simple pero rock!”

I have lost count of how many BUM shirts I have brought through the years because some already ended up as “arbor” by friends and handovers to my younger siblings.

But what I am sure is the fact that my best get-up is in a BUM shirt because I feel hip, cool and very comfortable in it.

So how BUM am I? It is in my Blood, my Universe and my Mind! (and in my closet, of course)

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