Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This android needs an android phone

I deserve to have a Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Android Phone because I’m an android.

I am programmed to work from 9 am to 6 pm everyday without the benefit of complaining about an overload. I am stationed in a cubicle to punch buttons and print out data. I am only unplugged for an hour to recharge (under the sun) and refuel during noon time.

Like the android phone, I also have the following:

1. Touchscreen - People would touch my LCD to point out errors in my work--- errors in their standard.
2. Micro SD up to 32 GB capacity - My tolerance level.
3. Autofocus Camera - Just can’t take my eyes off our office crush
4. Digital Compass - Can reach the comfort room and pantry with my eyes closed.
5. Voice Memo - Gets it from time to time from my boss.

Now, tell me why I should not have that Android phone.


Totoy Henyo said...

"Now, tell me why I should not have that Android phone."

-kasi akin lang siya..hahaha

Semidoppel said...

Mali kayo akin lang..akin!!! Bwahahaha (psychotic na)

Richard Mamuyac said...

Totoy Henyo at Semidoppel... jack and poy na lang kayo for the runner-up bragiing rights hehehe

But seriously, just read both of your entries and barang nabawasan na chance ko to win... mag-iipon na lang kaya ako ng pera para magka-android phone :-)

Totoy Henyo said...

ay..hahaha ayoko mag jack en poy...magiging 50 % nalang chance ko..hahaha

pero whoever wins sigurado naman na she/he deserves it diba? =)

goodluck sa ating lahat, lalo na sa akin..hehehehe

Unknown said...

Cute. :))

Good luck.

ericaorange said...

wahahaha ang kulit!!! ((:

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahaha.. kasi android ka na.. u don't need one na.. woooooot! Good luck! I'm finalizing the entries na.. re-read lang ulit para ma compare ko lahat ng sumali. O__O ang dami pala.. waaaaaah!