Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coping with Hapontukin

This is a stolen shot taken by my former office mate and so called friend Sam when I was still working in a call center somewhere in Quezon City during one lazy afternoon in 2007.

I don’t know why I find it very tempting to sleep in my cubicle during office hours. Does the gentle breeze from our aircon unit has something to do with it? Or how about the cute sound of the keyboard or the delightful scent of the newly-vacuumed carpet? Hmm… just the thought is already an irresistable invitation to sleep.

I will be the first to confess if there will be a survey here in the office about instances of sleeping at work (as long as my name will be withheld, of course.)

But how do you cope with what we all now call Hapontukin? Personally,
when hapontukin sets in, I usually divert my mind in concocting random crazy thoughts that sometimes end up in my blog.

Below are some suggestions that might interest fellow working class hapontukiners (just coined this). You can try each "for office use only" exercise which promises progress in your agility, memory, endurance and strength. Just a simple reminder: There are no approve therapeutic claims in these activities.

1. Pumunta sa guard post at i-dial and extension number mo. Tumakbo ka ng mabilis at pilitin mong sagutin ang line mo sa loob ng apat na ring. Para hindi mahalata ng iba na ikaw ang tumawag sa extension mo, lakasan mo ang pagsabi ng linyang ito “Sorry, mam but you dialed a wrong number”

This will test your agility. You can repeat the same procedure until you get your personal best. You can also vary your speaking tone and modulation and choose the best one that matches your personality.

2. Abangan mo ang pagpunta ng lahat ng officemate mo sa pantry. Siguraduhing mag-isa ka lang sa IT room. Hanapin ang main server ng opisina ninyo at hilahin ang lahat ng wire na makita mo in 30 seconds. Mag-pause ka ng sampung segundo at dali-dali mong ikabit uli ang pinagtatanggal mong wire.

This will advance your memory. Make sure to plug in the connectors to the socket where you pulled it from or you will loose your job. Another option is too immediately leave the premises and let the IT guy loose his job.

3. Mag-abang ka ng naglalako ng nilagang kamote o mani at bumili ka ng worth Php 50. Wag kang mamigay at ubusin lahat yun. Pumasok sa CR at i-lock ang pinto. Isara lahat ng bintana at ilabas mo ang lahat ng gusto mong ilabas. Paulit-ulit kang huminga ng malamim at piliting ngumiti.

This will develop your stamina. There is no best way to check your endurance but to trap yourself in a room with limited oxygen to breath. Count the number of times you smiled while doing this. You can brag about this during a drinking spree with strangers.

4. Itulak mo ang file cabinet na malapit sa hagdan at sumigaw ka ng malakas, “Ay, sori akala ko pader!” Pilitin mong iakyat uli ito pabalik sa third floor at ambahan mo ng suntok ang sinumang janitor na mag-aalok ng tulong.

This will improve your strength. But it will depend on what the file cabinet contains so my suggestion is to choose the one where your property custodian keeps the chain saw, anchor, and spare kitchen sink. Avoid the one with the 201 files.

If you feel like the above mentioned exercises is too much for you. I have a much simpler tip which actually is my tried and tested hapontukin-buster. Take Enervon Multivitamins everyday. More energy, mas happy. And you’ll work happily ever after!


Richard Mamuyac said...

Akalain nyo yun oh... Funniest blog daw to'its?

Nanalo ako Fitness Apparel! gagamitin ko para di na ko antukin hehehe


♕ reyna said...

Congrats Hapontukin!