Thursday, November 5, 2009

What type of employee are you?

This is my article published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer - Working People Section November 1, 2009

When I was still working in a call center, one of the events that employees look forward each year is the company’s Halloween party. It’s one of those times that almost everyone in the office really spends time and money and gives extra effort on what they would wear on that day. Aside from the fact they can be “someone else” for a day, some companies actually give generous prizes to those who can think of the best costume.

In the spirit of such fun-filled activity in the workplace, I have come out of some costume suggestion to those people who have yet to decide who they’ll be come Halloween. Why not personalize your outfit based on what type of employee you are from the list that I came out with:

The Joker. The official comic relief of the company. He may not be the smartest person in the group but his one-liners or punchlines can easily perk-up everyone especially during gloomy afternoons.

But Man and Robin.
The former is someone who always has something to say before he accepts a task given to him. Maybe this is his way of bargaining if he can lighten his workload. The later is his partner in crime, sidekick and best friend rolled into one.

Invisible Men.
There are actually two sub-types of invisibility in the workplace. The first one are employees who love to file leaves of absence while the other one are those who are present in the office but their outputs are seems invisible.

The Transformers.
These people have the ability to change their behavior, work habits and opinions depending on who they are dealing with or talking to in the office.

Care Bears.
Sometimes they are referred as the “mother, father, big brother or big sister” of the office. They care for everyone and has a bagful of advices, shoulders to cry on and helping hands to anyone in need. You can talk to them inside the comfort room or a sleazy beerhouse and they won’t mind.

Pussycat Dolls.
This is a group of female employees who do almost everything at the same time—their rituals in the CR, eat lunch, go home. They usually have the same nightlife thus most of the time, all of them goes to work late.

Jonas Brothers.
The male counterpart of the Pussycat Dolls. Like the girl group, they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror especially if there is a pretty visitor in the office.

The Celebrities (Politicians, Athletes and Performers). Politicians are those who are more concern about worker’s right in the company rather than their performances. Athletes might not be your ideal team player but when it comes to company sports fest, they are your leading scorers. Performers are those who excel during office programs—they can sing, dance and do cartwheels. One common denominator among celebs is that all of them have good PR skills.

The Saint.
They are considered as the endangered species. They are straight “A” employees who have a good relationship with their bosses though they don’t want to be called as “teacher’s pets.” They amaze everyone because despite of their busy skeds and toxic workloads, they still find time to participate in company extra-curricular activities.

Gifted Child. The people who have an answer on every question and problem in the office. But sometimes they know too much that they tend to cross the limits and can be a bit annoying although they don’t really mean it.

They are the so-called generic members of the class. It’s either they lack individuality or they always play safe at work that their boss won’t even notice if they will be absent for a week.

The above list should not be taken seriously although we can’t deny that it is a slice of reality from our workplaces. Whether you see yourself in one of the categories or not, a fact that remains is that every one of us has a role to perform in our respective organizations.

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