Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Put Angst In A News Vol. 1 Issue no. 2


Gloria Arroyo is facing another possible impeachment complaint due to the ZTE scandal
Does this come with hidden videos? If not, forget about it

Gas companies accused of hording petroleum products
I smell something fishy… did someone pass gas?

Bomb explosion in Puregold mart linked to business competitions
This is scary since I go to Puregold to buy Colgate since I can’t find ‘em at SM


Christopher De Leon wants “to be killed” in Lovers in Paris so he can move to GMA 7
How about him hanging himself in the Eiffel Tower… that will be refreshing and asteeg storyline!

Dingdong Dantes will replace potics-bound Richard Gomez in Family Feud
Will Richard win a senate seat? Survey says…oo. (doble zero ata ‘to e)

Sesame Street turns 40!
It also means that my age is not far behind

Aling Dionesia is open for kissing scenes in her next movies
Now that’s what you call real challenge, Manny.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar has leukemia
Now that’s a tall order

Tickets to the Pacquio-Cotto fight are selling like hotcakes in local theaters
I don’t think this will be the case for Aling Dionesia’s music album

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