Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ready, Get Set... Game!

My family is a game show!

My father-in-law is the “Banker”, my brother-in-law is the game master, my wife is one of the sideshow dancers while I always give my all to get the prizes of the games.

It just happened that we just love little competitions in the family from time to time. It could happen during birthdays, victory parties, holiday celebrations or even in an evening when we feel like locking our horns. Every family game night is an event that each member of the family is excited about. This tradition has evolved from a family of eight contenders to eighteen (our housemaid included) who tries to outwit and outplay each other.

We have tried different board games like Monopoly, The Game of Life and Uno. We have also played games of all sorts and silliness from the classic Charades to the no-brainer Hep Hep Hooray to the national pastime Pinoy Henyo. We would often do it in pairs--- me and wife vs. my in-laws and their spouses. On special occasions like Christmas, we usually divide the family into two groups. Last year, we draw straws to know in which teams one will be included. This year, it will be boys versus girls as we slug it out which group can best interpret the viral tune “Nobody” by the Korean pop sensations Wondergirls.

But before the main event of the evening, we always start our family game night with parlor games and fun activities. Each couple will take turns in hosting a game and should provide prizes for the winners. Every one gives their best no matter what the prize is. Last time, I got a bar of chocolate and a Php 50 worth of gift certificate for the two games me and my wife won. It’s actually the bragging rights of who won most of the games that we are after. The invisible trophy stays in your house until the next family game night.

What we actually like about such activity is that we learn new things (from trivia games), build trust, strengthen our relationship, discover more about each and everyone and enjoy the company of our loves ones without spending much. And so we say, “The family that prays and plays together, stays forever!”

Thanks to Animetric’s World and Color Mix Toys and Games for coming up with a great promotion that reminds us in a way the importance family game nights in every home.

Color Mix Toys and Games is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Hasbro games like the Family Game Night line that will bring back those fun times shared with our family when TV sets and PCs were just mere household appliances, unlike today that these things actually get a chunk from our family time.


Animetric said...

Wow, you're fast! Good luck. :)

Richard Mamuyac said...

Just spent 15 mins. for lunch and the rest is for this entry... just to start the ball rolling and hopefully masundan pa ang mga pa-contest mo :-)