Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I want a Cyberya Minigosyo

Most Filipinos get offended when they are branded as tamad or lazy.

You hear the word almost every day from annoyed wives to their complacent spouses...  upset parents to their easy-go-lucky children... angry bosses to their unproductive employees... and even from unsatisfied citizens to ineffective government officials.

We get offended by the word but still, we don’t do anything to improve the situation (kasi nga tamad eh.).

That’s why tamad is often associated to the tambays (bums) and people who finds joy spending the the whole day staring at the wall. I also came out with my own meaning for TAMAD as in Taga-abang ng Awa ng Magulang At Diyos.

The unemployment rate in Philippines, a country with a 92-million population, was last reported at 6.5 percent in October this year.  I am not saying that all of those belonging to the statistic are lazy individuals because there are a lot of factors that led to people to being unemployed.

Some blame it to the lack of opportunities in our country but I beg to disagree.

I too was a tambay at some point of my life but I did not let the tag "unemployed" make me unproductive. Almost everyday, I go online in a computer rental shop near our home. I surfed for part-time jobs and any opportunity to earn while waiting for the results of my job applications in different companies. Persistence did pave way for me to get a part-time writing gig for a monthly kiddie magazine and some bonus prizes (cash and in kind) from various writing contest I found in the internet. I discovered that there is a place for my writing style in the cyber space thus I researhed and learned  how to blog through online references and forums.

It is also for this reason why I want a Cyberya Minigosyo. I know some people who, sadly to say, are underachiever--- a college degree holder who seems contended doing household chores after getting married; a smart high school graduate who ended up selling kakanin because his parents can't send him to college; and a witty FX terminal barker who knows a lot of trivia and make sense when he talks about current issues.

Each one of them have a great potential to excel if only given an opportunity and proper guidance to something they have yet to explore, like say, the world of blogging. If get one of them to be a blogger and eventually become successful in it, that's one priceless "profit" I'll be very proud of.

If only I have Cyberya units, I can make them "scholars" and introduce them on how easy to set-up a blog and how they can earn from it. I am willing to share my contacts, networks and tips and tricks with them in one condition: that once they learn the trade of the online writing, they should also mentor at least one individual who they think deserves a chance to learn.

With Cyberya, earning and helping others can co-exist harmoniously. As low a P1, people can discover new learning; reconnect with long lost friends; and even find a job and other opportunities. I also see this impressive and innovative product from PLDT as a good opportunity for a start-up business for small entrepreneurs.

It is also a good investment for working people like me to have another source of income and the best thing about this venture is that it is easy to set up and maintain. If you are interested to avail of the Cyberya packages, please visit PLDTHome.com or "like" https://www.facebook.com/PLDTKaAsenso for updates.

Now, there's definitely no reason to be unproductive. With Cyberya, your piso can be your key to a life-long dream to asenso.         

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