Saturday, December 21, 2013

Unisex gifts for Christmas, anyone?

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Hey, it's a few days to go before Christmas and you haven't bought gifts for your love ones and friends.

Uh-oh! Good luck in facing the dreaded Christmas rush. The only thing I can help you with guys is to suggest some unisex items that you can buy in bulk so you don't have to make a list or end up buying again a boxer for your cousin Stella.

Here are my 25 suggestions. Why 25? Go figure.
1. Tattoo shop gift certificates
2. Jacket with a letter L for Lady or Lalaki
3. Headphone
4. USB flash drive
5. Powerbank
6. Mug (make sure it has text like "Loperamide" or "Compliments of Mayor Binay")
7. That big calendar with images of Saints, Anime and LeBrom James where you can personalize by placing the surname of your recipient. Place "Happy Family" instead.
8. A bottle of Vitamin B Complex
9. Stabillo
10. Complete set of DVD of The Walking Dead (original if possible or if if you can find)
11. Movie tickets (Valid at least for a month)
12. Poster of Paul Walker
13. Casio G-Shock or Technomarine if you have money
14. Snakes and Ladders and other game board
15. Handkerchief (safe color)
16. Towel (again safe)
17. Hand soap or shower gel
18. Conditioner (I have yet to see a conditioner for men)
19. Umbrella
20. Wall clock
21. Canned goods
22. Spoon and fork
23. Kikay kit (yes, even men have that nowadays)
24. Toothbrush and toothpaste
25. or this book below (available at all National Bookstore outlets nationwide)

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