Friday, December 6, 2013

Be the Best at what you do with Timex Hero

When I was a child, I actually believed that I am special.

I can climb trees effortlessly ala Tarzan, run around our village tirelessly like The Flash and carry three fully-loaded school bags everyday because I feel I’m a muscle man like the Incredible Hulk.

More than two decades later, I still feel I’m a stud but this time with fear of heights, slower feet and an ab (singular form for abs). But hey, I still have the hero dream and continue to do even the simple things that makes me look like a hero to some people--- sacrificing an important basketball game so my son can watch his favorite show over Baby TV; taking over the kitchen on weekends so my wife gets a well deserve rest; or covering some tasks for an officemate who filed an emergency leave in the middle of busy week.   

This Christmas, I feel like rewarding myself something special. Hmm… another wrist watch, perhaps? Just like what my wife would tell me. I think she already got a clue after I posted that I want to receive a watch winder from my “daddy” or “mommy” in our upcoming family exchange gift on the 24th.

Well, heroes should always be on time and in style whenever a call for help arises. Incidentally, Timex, one of the well-known brands in the world of time pieces, just launched their line of Hero watches.  Timex made available Ironman Run Trainer, Ironman Sleek, Expedition Field Chrono, Originals Vintage Inspired 1978, and the one I'm eyeing for: the Adventure Series™ Linear Indicator Chronograph with Intelligent Quartz™ Technology.

This wristwatch has a very unique and cool design that fits my extra-ordinary ways. The Adventure Series spells TIMEX with the quality features it has which definitely suits my need, my want and my personality.

T-ough. It has a black ion-plated finish stainless steel case.
I-nnovative. With a 4-hour chronograph movement with linear indicator for minute subdial.
M-arvelous. An impressive black dial with neon color accents.
E-legant. Looks amazing with its black silicone strap.
X-treme.  It is water-resistant to 100 M (330 feet).

Wearing this will not necessary make me an instant hero but it will definitely make me feel extra special. And I always believe that if you feel good, you do great things to others. And that I think is the essence is being a modern day hero.

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