Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wise Spending with Save 22

I am cheap… and you know what, I’m proud of it!

I am cheap from head to toe. I buy shampoo that comes with free sachet packs or a bar of soap. Most of my shirts were dug up from bargain bins of various malls. My pants were bought not because of their quality but because of its special price discount. My boxers came in a box labelled with a “bundle deal” sticker. My socks’ brand name is “Pack of 3 Pairs” to go along with my shoes that I picked up in a shop’s closing out sale.

You see, I am not a fan of anything with a 4-digit tag price. One of my shopping mantra is “999 is the limit,” if you know what I mean.

Call me a garage sale hunter, bargain bin king or even a cheapskate. I won’t mind as long as you treat me with one of those buy 1, take 1 burger offesr or eat-all-you-can deals. Did I tell you that I am cheap?

For a person whose definition of the word “saving” evolved from “rescuing” (toddler stage) to storing computer data (student years) to “spending less” (the very moment I became a dad), I believe that every peso that I can put aside will be useful in the future.

Ever since I became a family man, the art if budgeting has been a craft I continue to master to this date. After all, I am the CFO of our monthly family expenses, dictator of the shopping list and captain of the grocery cart. I can still remember in the past, I have to visit different stores to compare prices of products before making a purchase. Today, the best deal for your money is just a click away anytime, anywhere.

It’s no secret that many people have become dependent to the internet in so many ways. We read news online to be updated of what’s happening around us. We get tips and recommendations for our next family trip through blogs and features. Some people even met their future spouses online (this guy included).

The internet is a very helpful ally that makes life better is used properly. One way we can maximize its use is by tapping it as a guide or reference every time we will purchase something whether online or not. Let me introduce to you a website that I have been visiting regularly to get updates on the latest sales, promotions and exciting deals of my favorite merchants. is a search technology in a form of a website that allows potential buyers to aggregate and compare prices of the goods or services from several stores.  Just a reminder: Save 22 is not connected with the stores presented in their website. So, if you have a query on a particular product, you need to directly contact the store that offers it.  Anyways, Save 22 provides the list of products with corresponding price along with the detail information of the shop location through Google Maps. Thus, saving you from the hassle of where and how to look up those information.

And did you know that Save 22 also offer a free downloadable app (Barcode Scanner) for your mobile gadgets that you can use to scan the barcode of an item and allow you to compare the deals with your friends and other costumers? Cool, right?

If you think I have already told you all the best things about Save 22, you’re wrong. I have not yet informed you the website is free and does not charge any access fee. All the information in the website are provided to all its readers at no cost.  You also don’t have to worry about online security or if the offers are scams because there is no monetary transaction in the site. You will personally visit the merchants featured and thus you can tell first hand if the promotions is real or not. Also, there is no pressure shopping since there is no salesperson involved in the transaction. You have all the time in the world to check on the prices of goods, compare with other products or merchant and buy only when you are finally decided what is the best deal for you. In the end, you’ll be a happy shopper who just availed of great offers from trusted merchants. Visit to see how it can help you do some wise spending.

You might be asking why and how I have become the “cheap” person that I am today. Simple, I want a good future for my son that’s why I am already saving for his needs this early. We can’t tell what tomorrow brings so might as well think of ways that can help secure the future of my child. That’s why I choose to save. Well, I’m happy to share that at the young age of 4 years old, my little Charlie is turning out to be a sale hunter like me.  He knows it's not okay to buy something if I already describe it as "expensive."

Charles has been my favorite shopping and dining buddy and we're just hoping that our favorite shops will be featured at Save 22 along with some cool deals and promos. Here are some of our recommendations:

DAIRY QUEEN: There was a time that ice cream was a mandatory entry in Charles's breakfast, lunch and dinner platters. It just stopped when he got confined in a hospital due to Pneumonia. Don't laugh but this is a true story that other parents should learn from. But what the heck, we still love ice cream and can you please have special discounts for costumers 4-feet and below. I might be able to avail that promotion as well.  

TOYS "R" US: Even old people buy toys either for their kids or grand kids so your store should be on Save 22 whole year round. Charles wants to make a wish list for his birthday, Christmas, very good moments and just about any special occasion that comes. My wish list is already done and waiting for a response from my wife.

URATEX: Charles is a big fan of pillows, beds, stuffed toys and anything soft. We hope you can post all your factory price sale because our little boss is growing so fast that he thinks he is big already to still share a bed with his parents. He believes he deserve a mattress of his own. Daddy totally agrees!!!

MUSIC 21 PLAZA FAMILY KTV: Charles would love to belt out songs inside concert-like atmosphere. A complimentary drink or kiddie meal would do for every two adults who will get room. I meant a KTV room, of course.

STARBUCKS: It was always my dream to take out my boy for a drink but my wife would only allow us in a coffee shop. Charles prefer your mocha frappucino over others. I hope you can come up with some treats for the young fans. Buy 1, take 1 on it's initial offering will be a good start. Let's drink to that!

Save 22 is definitely making an impact to many consumers looking for the best deals in town. It influences consumers to what and where to buy it, to check online first before buying offline. It also offers the best options for buyers and most of all, Save 22 lives up to its name and vision of helping people save money in every money spending adventure.


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Wow! I'm glad may ganito na sa Pinas na service... Okay na okay sa budgeting!

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Richard Mamuyac said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Yup, thanks to Save 22 for the bargains and freebies :)