Thursday, July 4, 2013

Glad to be Globe: Our Love Story

The family that plays together, stay connected.

It was Valentine’s Day of 2005. I am not really good in planning dinner dates so I end up offering just a pizza treat for my then-girlfriend Leah. As much as I wanted it to be more romantic, I just can’t do it for a lot of reasons.

But the day started well. The delivery guy from the flower shop showed up at Leah’s office earlier than her (just as I requested). So as she walks through the hallway going to her table, there was this guy in red uniform standing beside her cubicle with a big smile, carrying the bouquet of flowers that I ordered. Leah said that while she was walking to get my gift, her officemates where cheering and teasing her.

“Tonight… pizza for two and the whole me only for you! Happy Valentines… I love you!” That’s
what my note said. After reading it, Leah texted me to say that she already received the flowers and our date is set.

The whole afternoon, all I think was what will I say to Leah on our first Valentine’s date. When the clock hit six o ‘clock, I rushed out from work and luckily got a cab without any hassle.

I was home within 30 minutes--- just enough time for me to prepare the table. After a quick change of outfit, I put the Hawaiian pizza into the oven and viola! Instant dinner that goes well with my favorite soda.

Exactly 7 p.m. in Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands (where I was working as a shop attendant that time), I called up my Leah who was also ready with her slice of pizza that she bought from a fastfood store in Cubao, Quezon City. We were both very happy that we were able to have that date though we are thousand miles away from each other. We spend the next two hours talking over the phone about our plans the moment I come back home to the Philippines in August that year.

Leah and I could have not survived the countless months we were away from one another if not for Globe, which during those times is the only Philippine telecom company that offers international roaming in Saipan. We are still proud subscribers up to this day.   

From her first hello to our exchange of “I love you” and silly things we do to our vows of “I do’s,” Globe served as the firm bridge to our long distance relationship.  On December of 2006, we got married and we were blessed with an energetic and fun-loving son who joins us in our family dates during weekends.  This is my Glad to be Globe story.

I am so thankful to Globe because it is a big part of our love story. What I shared is only one of the many memorable moments we had with this trusted brand. Here’s a video that I created to show how it has became a part of our everyday life and why I am glad to be Globe until now.

Want to sing? I am pretty sure you have a better voice than I do. I just love Globe that much that I am willing to do anything to express my gratitude to the brand. Below are the lyrics of my version of the song.

Glad to Be Globe
(To the tune of Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

Glad to be Globe
I am just proud of it
Glad to be Globe
I am subscribed to it
I am ready, lucky and glad to be Globe

Glad to be Globe
With text or call all night
It's cheap, it's fast
There's promos all over like unlitext
I kinda like it
Lucky and glad to be Globe

There goes my baby
She loves to shop with GCASH
she's online always
She tweets and poke me on Facebook
Just to say she loves me oh so sweet

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip
Get my broadband
prepaid stick, or wiMax
And have long hours of fun, alright
I am ready, lucky and glad to be Globe

Glad to be Globe
Rewards, go grab the treats
Enjoy your Globe
Your way how you like it
I am ready, lucky and glad to be Globe

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