Monday, July 22, 2013

So what's next after the Minions

After two months in a row of "not-the-usual" breakfast, lunch, break time and dinner meals, I finally got back to my regular home cooked feasts.

Blame it to McDonalds. Because of the amazingly cute and collectible toys they give out for free in every order of Happy Meal, Dads and Moms went crazy and manipulated the servings they get when chow time comes. These parents just love their kids that they love to have to complete the set of the available toys. Or are they the ones who really like to get to hold of the pretty little play things more than their children?

Well, I am not ashamed to admit that I trade the packed lunch that my wife prepares for a spaghetti or chicken meal with a toy for a few days. I even go stores kilometers away from my office just to make sure I get a unique free miniature.

Did I say that Dads and Moms went crazy because of Happy Meal toys? It started with the Voov cars collectible then followed by the despicable Minions. I thought this insanity will not stop until... McDo announced that the yellow and purple cuties from the Movie Despicable Me 2 were out of stock.

Thus, I was not able to complete my Minion set. This made me promised to my self that I will make sure to collect the next McDonald freebies whatever it is.

Now, what toys would that be? My guess is another group of little, cute and lovable beings--- The Smurfs. I got this image from I just hope to really get all of the 16 available Smurfs toys for my kid... and myself.



ohmski said...

seriously? 16?!

i thinkk McDo Philippines will not avail of all the 16 minions just like they did for the minions where in fact, it's 14 in other countries. but oh well, i'll just have to get them all.

Richard Mamuyac said...

@Omar... that's what I'm planning to do--- collect them all!

I would like to believe that Happy Meals are now consumed more by adults :)