Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell them about Telpad

I don’t know what could have been life without PLDT.

I grew up with great respect with the company who has live up to their promises of “keeping me in touch” with my loved ones and “touching lives” of those who feels they’re alone in the other side of the world.

From my first telebabad call in high school to a wrong dialled number that resulted in meeting a new friend and from that joyful feeling of being offered my first job after college to a sobbing long distance call to my family as an overseas worker, there with me is my PLDT--- my Partner in Light and Difficult Times.

For me, the telephone is one of the best things that were ever invented. I could have been stuck in high school until now if not for a telephone tutorial by a classmate before our trigonometry final exam the next day. I could have never enjoyed the privileges of working for my current boss, the best in the whole world (I hope she can read this in time before releasing our Christmas bonus), if not for that friendly chat over the phone after reading her job placement ad in the paper. Or I could still be single at 36 today if not for those daily overseas calls with my then girlfriend (now my wife) for a year.   

You see, a phone call can be one of those life-changing moments in your life. How many inspiring stories have you heard about the wonders of this thing called telephone?  A call is where thousands of love stories begun, a way families reunited for a moment even a distance apart and a how million more individual "best day of my life" events started.

Indeed, we have been in a long journey in the company of a telephone. I am sure you’ll also be interested to know some important facts how telecommunication started in the Philippines. I made a little research about PLDT and created this trivia by the numbers using the image of an old school rotary phone unit which was a thing to have in every home then. Take a peek at the rich history of PLDT, the country’s largest telecommunications company.

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Tell me who your friends are and for sure in your list, you’ll have names of people there that you first interacted with via telephone conversations or have bonded with after numerous friendly phone chats. You need not to go to places to meet new friends or create strong connections with others. Sometimes, a sincere voice is all it takes (and a good and clear line, of course).

And as time goes by, things get better. In a fast-paced world that is today, it seems that almost everything gets its turn to be upgraded to be more useful, efficient and maximize its capability. Our good old landline is no exception.
From the genius men and women of PLDT, our telephones got to level up and thus a innovative way of communication is born--- the PLDT Telpad. Thousands of homes have already made the big leap towards technology on your finger tips.  

Now you can enjoy all the features and benefits of using a telephone (landline and mobile phone) plus the awesome features of an Android tablet (Yup, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Instagram and more).

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Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell them about Telpad. There are 1,001 reasons to upgrade your landlines and let me tell you my reason why I will make the right decision soon.  I want a Telpad because with it, I can make our home a more exciting place to live in.    
Who says you can do only few activities at home. With a Telpad, I can watch videos and listen to music, browse the internet anytime I want 24/7 and a whole lot more. Just want to share a productive day I had while surfing the net.  I was able to research ways to have a minimal-cost Christmas celebration by making personalized gifts to my love ones. Below are some gift ideas that you can actually make using materials you can find inside your house.

Recycle gifts. While attending a big business conference last October, I received almost a dozen of pens with logos of the companies where they came from. They are all still unused and my niece and nephews can definitely make use of them in school.  I’m sure they won’t mind using pens with words printed on the body with words they can’t understand like “anti-haemorrhoid” and “Prozac.”  

Clippings of Mickey Mouse and Friends. I have a stack of old magazines and newspapers just waiting for the right offer from a passing magbobote-dyaryo at home. I remember reading a lot of articles about Walt Disney characters when they staged a show in Manila recently. I did hear one of my goddaughters sang a few lines from the “Mickey Mouse Club House” theme song before so I suspect she is also a fan.

Homemade toy. When I was in kindergarten myself, I used to have a pet pebble just like any ordinary kid (hey, owning one then was normal as per Super Grover). I have a few shiny stones I collected from my first trip in Boracay kept in the attic (now, I’m not sure if that is normal). My younger brother who talks to lizards when drunk can have those shiny things as goodluck crystals or use as pamato in piko. I’ll just have to include an instruction sheet and indicate that imagination is not included in the kit.

Cartoon collection on CD. Youtube and Nero have save me for a number of times when I am blank with gift ideas. I once surprised my father-in-law with a CD full of Eat Bulaga episodes on Father’s Day. He’s a sucker of classic TVJ jokes and he officially heart me na after that day. It’s been two years ago since I gave him the gift and I think it’s a perfect time now to give him new episodes of his favorite show that he only gets to see on weekends.

I’m sure you too can come out with more and better ideas than those in my list using a PLDT Telpad. Now if you like what you have read, I would appreciate if you can vote for my entry in the PLDT Telpad’s BloggerChallenge. As an added bonus, you can get a FREE 16g Micro SD card when you vote and sign up for a Telpad upgrade online.

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