Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Beyond The Sunset, Lies a Home For Me

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator”

Truly, one of the most colorful moments of the day is when the sun goes down to rest behind the horizon. It’s an ideal time to capture the beauty of the world through the lens. However, it’s also quite a challenging time to capture the light just the way you want. As the sun falls closer to the horizon you can count on dramatic changes in lighting every minute. If you miss the shot you’re aiming to get, you have to wait another 24 hours to get another chance at it.

During one fine day with friends, I held on my camera and aimed at the blissful rays of the sun that was about to rest. There was no feeling of goodbye but a promise instead that no matter what happens, a new day will come tomorrow.

The photo above is one of the many amazing scenes that can be captured on a camera on top of the soon to be launched Grand Riviera Suites that offers luxury living along Roxas Boulevard.  Each of us can be an artist in our own right. We have different tastes on beauty and an eye for detail. But there are things that bonds people who share a common fondness in some of life's wonders like a calm sea, cold breeze or the warm sensation that only a sunset can give. Such wonderful feeling can make one declare, "This is home."

If you are looking for a home that can provide you convenience and great comfort, you need not go far away from the city because there is an abode waiting for you within the metropolis. Below are some of the reasons why Grand Riviera Suites is a top choice to consider and these will be enumerated using the trusted name of Moldex, a company that has been part of many Filipinos lives in the past 25 years. And so I say, if you are searching for the right home and investment for you and your family, think of MOLDEX:

Modern living. Grand Riviera is located near malls and entertainment hubs, airport, seaport and major thoroughfares. We are now living in a fast-paced world thus one's location is an important thing to consider in choosing where to stay because people are always on the go and on the hunt of new exciting things everyday.

Offers comfort and security. Our family's welfare is always a priority. If you have kids, you want the best school for them. We also see to it that in case of emergency, help is just a phone call away. Grand Riviera is situated along a number of reputable educational institutions, hospitals and government offices.

Lower cost. Compared to their competitors, this Moldex Realty, Inc. project has arguably the best offer. Condo X is priced at P121k/ sqm. (P2.8M) while Condo Y is at P104k/ sqm. (P3.0M). That's way way far to the Grand Riviera price tag of P98k/ sqm. (P1.9M).

Dependable company. Grand Riviera is just one of the many successful home projects of Moldex Group of Company (MGOC) in the country. This is the same company that makes quality pipes and other products managed by respected businessmen MGOC Chairman Jacinto T. Uy and Vice Chairman Michael O. Uy.

Excellent facility. The condominium is designed to provide nothing but convinient living to all its prospetive residents. From its grand lobby to elevators and parking ramp to commercial spaces, Grand Riviera offers an experience like no other.

Xciting life. Living in Grand Riviera is a gift, a taste of good life, a woderful feeling, a wise investment, a story worth sharing, a priceless smile and more best moments still waiting to happen from sunrise to sunset.

For more information on Grand Riviera Suites and other Moldex properties, please call 254-0980, 09178639473 or visit

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Divine RC said...

I missed sunset. I love watching it when I am at a bay area.