Monday, March 12, 2012

Saving for your Child's Education

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it."

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a prolific American writer, says it best why good education is important.  That's why as early as today, I have already inquired about tuition fees from different pre-schools in our area.

Well, my son Charles is just 3 years old and he'll be very for school by next year. Am I a little excited? This is the first time I'll be sending a child in school just to explain the year-long preparation.   

I also asked other parents about this and in the process I found out that school expenses are increasing every year.  Makes me wonder if my savings is enough to cover college tuition fees and other expenses. A friend suggested that sside from regularly saving money, one can also prepare by getting profitable investments that offer better returns. Invest in companies which have made a mark and have a proven track record in the industry, like Insular Life.

Celebrating 101 years of unparalleled and continuous service to old and new generation of Filipinos, Insular Life remains to be the largest Filipino life insurance company. With its Direct Marketing plans College Provider and Sure Cash for Kids, you are assured of a secure future for your child.

College Provider is a 5-pay educational plan that provides a college cash fund for your child at age 17. It also provides a life insurance benefit for your child equivalent to the college fund until he reaches age 21. On top of this, College Provider has a built-in waiver of premium payments, wherein the policy will be considered fully paid should the parents or the payor meet an untimely death or suffers from total and permanent disability. The policy will then provide a pre-college cash allowance equivalent to 10% of the face amount until age 16 to finance for your child’s elementary and high school education.

On the other hand, Sure Cash for Kids is a 5-pay, 15-year savings and investment plan for your child that offers guaranteed yearly cash payouts and lump sum cash benefit with built-in life insurance protection. Yearly cash payouts equivalent to 10% of the maturity value will be given from the end of the 5th policy year to the end of the 14th policy year amounting to 100% of the maturity value. A lump sum cash benefit equivalent to 100% of the maturity value will also be given at the end of the 15th policy year. Your child is also covered with a life insurance protection for 15 years with the face amount increasing to 200% on the 4th policy year up to the 15th policy year.

Saving for your child’s education is a top priority, so preparing for it now can save you from possible financial troubles in the future.  Address your child’s needs today. Call Insular Direct at 878-1818 local 5403 or 892-3171 or email us at for more details on College Provider and Sure Cash for Kids.


Bridal Cars Manila said...

That's right !!

Richard Mamuyac said...

We really need to save for the kids even if that means we should sacrifice some of our "wants" in life :)

Unknown said...

I agree. As a parent, you have the power to nurture your child's potential and influence his educational aspirations.