Friday, March 30, 2012

Buckle up for Sunrise Buckets

Every weekend, my family and I
pass by The Grove by Rockwell,
a residential and commercial space along C5 Road amidst the Ortigas cityscape, as we trek our way to my in-laws’ home in Proj. 4, Quezon City.

My wife and I would usually talk about how cool it might be to live in such a well-maintained area.  I told her that we can visit the place one of these days for at least a lunch or dinner since there are a few restaurants already opened there.  After all, it would just be a 30-minute drive from our place.

Well, I have a little confession to make.  I actually went to The Grove and did not bring my wife with me one rainy night.  I just wanted to try one restaurant who’s been making waves or should I say soaring in foodies radars with their tasty buffalo wings (no pun intended).

I am a chicken person. No I am not yellow.  What I mean is that I just love anything chicken --- arrozcaldo, fried, tinola, grilled, barbeque and whatever chicken dish my wife can dig from her favorite cook book, I’ll eat it.

That’s why it’s just a must for me to try a bucket of buffalo wings (yes, they come in tin containers) from Sunrise Buckets.  Among the fifteen flavors in the menu, I chose the entry Juan, not only because it was made to suit Pinoy taste but more for the reason that I need a reminder that I should be home not later than 1 o’clock or else.

Now here's what a bucket meal is all about
Here are the words that I uttered in every bite of the chicken-flavored Juan:

Juan-derful!  Juan-tastic! Number Juan!

How I wish that it was Juan-to-sawa but I have to leave some more space in my stomach for other Sunrise Buckets treats... and for a couple of bottle of beers, of course.

I don't dread this bone collector
The next weekend we visit my in-laws, ur route might be a little different than the usual. Well, we will still pass by The Grove since C5 is the most convenient way for us.  But this time, I would ask my wife and son for a family lunch date at Sunrise Buckets first before we head on to our destination.

So here’s my advice to my friends who are looking for that one great chicken experience (yes, there is such a thing)--- check out or call 477-7636 and buckle up for Sunrise Buckets!

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