Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being Suplado the Second Time Around

Because of the record-breaking performance of The Hunger Games movie in the box-office, the sales of the book where it was based from also soared (again) worldwide.  However, the book will have a hard time getting the top spot of the best seller list in the Philippines.
This was after multi-media demigod Ramon Bautista made a big announcement at National Book Store – Shangri-La Mall.  

“Ang librong ito ay mas okay pa sa The Hungry Games!,” Bautista said while holding his complimentary copy of Suplado Tips 2 by Stanley Chi.

He explained that if you save the money intended for The Hunger Game book and instead use it to purchase a copy of Suplado Tips book, you’ll still have enough money for a value meal that will spell out your hunger. What a clever suggestion, indeed.

Actually, it was also Ramon Bautista who convinced me to get a copy of the first book via his moving testimonial, “Simula ng tinuruan ako ni Stanley Chi na maging suplado, nawala ang ubo ko!” Perfect for someone like me who has asthma.

The first book includes the 10 Suplado Commandments to remind grumpy people how to behave against people accordingly, the Suplado Meter to measure the level of angst in you and comic strips in case you lost interest in reading text entries.  

I became an instant fan of Stanley Chi after reading the book while attending a business lecture.  Thanks to this book, I had fun during the workshop and got my certificate at the end of the day. I thought this was never possible. 

And so, I am one of those who waited for Stanley to come out with a second book.  Alas, I think he heard my prayers (which I posted on his Facebook wall). And what a great way to get the Suplado Tips 2--- via an ultra kewl book launch!

DJs Ramon Bautista and Tado Jimenez with Stanley Chi
The “second coming” offers plenty more funny yet useful banter for moments you like to make a statement. There are more comic skits, laughs and other surprises (parang noontime show lang, no?).  I wish I would be given a chance to share my suplado story in the third book like the contributors whom Stanley invited in book 2.  It just proves that being a snub can get plenty of attention after all. 

Tado Jimenez, my idol from the wacky cult TV series Strangebrew, also attested to the "power" of the said book.  He confessed, "Yung binigay mong kopya ng libro tinanggap sa gas station nung magpakarga ako kanina. Fan mo (Stanley) kasi yung gasoline boy."

Anyone can relate to the many tips of Stanley Chi since (I hope it’s safe to say this) that there is a suplado side in each of every one of us.  For the non-suplados (Che! Umamin na kayo), you’ll learn great advices like “Kung nagpapa-picture ka, siguraduhin mong yung ngiti mo sa picture at sa toong buhay ay pareho!” (Now that's a direct hit on many FB profile pics that we say everyday) 

Suplado Tips 2, Chi’s newest book, shall be available online through and may be found in Fully Booked and National Bookstore outlets all over the country (unless his fanatic followers beat you to it).

For more updates on Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips 2 and to join the Suplado Society of the Philippines, feel free to contact and stalk him at Catch more updates on the Suplado Tips Facebook page.

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