Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Going Gaga over Gargling

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You know how significant and dependable a brand is when it becomes synonymous to the product.  Take the case of Colgate.  You'll definitely think of toothpaste when you hear the name, right?  I suddenly remember a high school meeting for our camping, our scout master reminded us, "Bring your own soap, shampoo, toothbrush and Colgate."  And just last week, my office mate while holding a toothbrush approached and asked me, "Sir, pengeng Colgate, ha?"  

That’s how trusted the brand is.  And that's why Colgate is my brand of choice for many years now whenever I buy any oral hygiene products like mouth wash.

For people on the go like me, a bottle of Colgate Plax has been a necessity for both work-related and leisure trips.  I usually have meetings with colleagues and clients after lunch time.  I’m pretty sure the last thing these people would like to know during our conversation is what I had for lunch.  No matter how great the burger or tuna grill I ate, it will not be pleasant to their noses during our meeting if I don't take "necessary precautions".

I also meet my friends and former classmates for after work gimmicks from time to time.  Most of the time, I spend an hour inside a cab on the way to our hangout with my mouth closed during the whole trip especially if the driver seems to be a snub.  When I arrive, I make beso-beso with my female friends, talk face to face with my other buddies because the bar’s sound system is just too loud and then I’ll suddenly sense that my breath smells like egg sandwich even if I did skip meryenda that day.  This are just some of the embarrassing moments that I want to avoid that’s why it came to a point that I was like going gaga over gargling.

Thank God for Colgate Plax and I need not to gargle all the time.  Colgate Plax is an advanced antibacterial protection for longer lasting fresh breath.  It’s clinically tested by dentists, helps prevents cavities with no burning sensation, kills bacteria by up to 99.9% and a mouth protection for 12 hours. Wow!

Now that’s what you call mouth confidence.  I made a list of my top reasons why one should not gargle all the day long.  And so I say: with COLGATE PLAX, no more PLAQUE:

People might think that you have a facial nerve disorder because of your constant gargling habit anytime and anywhere.  Imagine if your office crush sees you, you’ll never get even on first base.  Who wants to kiss a pair of moving lips up, down, up, down, left, right, left right?

Longer bathroom time spent during work hours.  If you’re so OC and gargles an average of once in every hour, you will spend 15 minutes going to and from the CR and another 15 minutes inside the room. That’s a total of 4 hours of bathroom moments just for gargling. That’s more time spent on your work since you also spend an hour doing Facebook and another hour looking for lost files.

Allotted budget for gargling habit becomes costly.  Instead of just buying a hotdog sandwich and an energy drink in a convenient store during break time, you’ll also get a small bottle of mouth rinse.  You don’t need to be an accountant to know you’re spending too much.

Questions will be raised about your personality.  You gargle a lot that you have whiter teeth than your boss and fresher breath than your dentist.  But no one wants to talk to you in the office because people think that their mouth and teeth are not worthy in your standard.

Unexpected things may happen while you’re gargling inside the bathroom.  A unicorn appearing in the HR office… a flying pink elephant landing in the parking lot… DPWH officials checking the seawall in front of your office… and you all missed them because you’re too busy gargling.

Explaining to people why you gargle a lot is such a hassle.  This, I think, I need not explain.

If you are looking for fun stuff other than gargling but still has something to do with gragling, you should visit the Colgate Plax website and the try the cool and easy to use Colgate Plax Gloo Gloo application.

I just uploaded my photo doing the two thumbs up for Colgate Plax while wearing my Speedy Gonzales costume because, as I said, I am always on the go. Andale Andale! Arriba Arriba to the best mouth experience since first kiss!

Please click the image to view my funny gloo gloo animation

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