Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Day with Sarah

Bigla ako kinilig when Sarah smiled back as I call her name for this shot
It's not everyday that I got invited in a presscon for a movie so I did found my self inside the Dolphy Theater at the ABS-CBN compound one Saturday afternoon.

Well, I went there for a lot of reasons anyway.  First, bonding time with fellow bloggers. Second, met with my best friend who works for the TV network. Third, checking if someone I know from Viva Entertainment (my former employer) is present in the occassion. And lastly, Sarah Geronimo will be there.

I'm not really a big fan of Sarah but she's Sarah Geronimo.  I'm sure anyone who hear her sings will be easily be an instant fan.  Plus, she's also a decent actress especially in romantic-comedy films.

with Direk Raz dela Torre

During the presscon, the spotlight is on Sarah and Gerald although they are joined by a couple of co-actors, Director Raz dela Torre and the writer and producer.  The lead stars were asked questions about the film but more on their personal lives. Both were grilled by movie reporters who would not stop throwing questions until one of them would give a "non-promo promo" answer.

But even without any promotional stunts or gimmick, this movie will be a hit.  After all, Sarah is Sarah Geronimo. Plus, you also have fans of Gerald who can also packed the movie houses. 

Come November 30, I might find again myself inside a theater but not to attend a presscon but it's still about Sarah.  I hope my wife will accompany me in watching Won't Last a Day Without You which stars the Pop Princess and Budoy aka Gerald Anderson.  One thing I'm excited about this movie is how my idol Joey de Leon  is like as Sarah's father in the film.  I can sense riot... and of course, love!

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