Friday, August 19, 2011

Try BenMore and you'll ask for more

When BenMore and I met
Midweek. Meet with buddies. Delicious food. Cool place.

What else can you ask for if you're looking for a night to unwind and take a breather from your toxic work load.  Then, you'll have some guy named Borgy Manotoc asking you to try his favorite drink, BenMore Four Casks.

BenMore is a more premium drink that believes that details matter. Expert blenders have specifically chosen more of the finest malt and grain whiskies up to 21.

These batches have been matured in 4 different oak casks to give an even smoother Scotch Whisky experience. It is made in Scotland and it is bottled by Diageo.

The iconic stag - to represent heritage and authenticity. It connotes masculinity, superiority and leadership. Consumers drinking BenMore will be perceived as smart, stylish, presentable and tough. They know what they want and are a go-getter; but they’re also friendly and open-minded, exactly like Borgy who is the Brand Ambassador for BenMore.

It was a privilege to be one of the few bloggers to be invited to the product launch last August 17 at Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, San Juan. We were informed that  there are five ways to drink BenMore:

1.)    Straight or on the rocks
2.)    With water
3.)    With iced tea
4.)    With cola
5.)    With soda/ tonic

There I am dwarfed by Borgy Manotoc in the middle with fellow bloggers and the very accommodating Jane (outermost left) of Benmore who checks our table from time to time.
I tried a couple of options and the experience were both delightful that I recommend it to everyone who wants to try something refreshing but at the same time still capture the taste of what a true Scotch Whisky is all about.

It’s more affordable compared to other brands of whiskies. SRP is Php335, and prices may vary depending on location. It is now available nationwide.

Guys, please do watch out for the brand's official website It will be up some time next month. Right now it’s still under construction but when it's up, the site promises to be one online hub that will offer a lot of great information and surprises. Please don't tell me I did not warn you: When you try BenMore, you'll ask for more!


Lucky Pinoy said...

asteeeg.. Congratulations BenMOre and Global Noble.

Richard Mamuyac said...

Hi Lance... hindi ka makakalimutan ni Borgy :-)