Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flipgeeks: What you should have been informed

Whenever a newly acquainted foreigner would ask me how would I describe us Filipinos in general. I often give them the generic reply, “Filipinos are unique people.”

Sometimes, I get a scanner-like look from head to toe from them before they react, “Yes, I definitely agree.”

Well, they should.  Where on Earth can they find people who can finish a plate of steak (rare, medium or well done and P99 pesos lang), using only a fork and molars?  Pinoy houses have life-size fork and spoon as wall displays, a Last Supper repro painting as a must-have in dining rooms, and at least one tabo in the bathroom for it to be call a home.

Philippines is also the home to the world’s largest pair of shoes, the smallest man who can fit a shoe box, and arguably the best boxer who ever lived (who incidentally is also the most versatile of them all ‘coz he cansing, act, host and read a speech that confuses everyone including himself and still gets a loud round of applause).

You might think I know too much but I beg to disagree.  I would like to believe that I am just well aware and informed of things I should know to be able to adapt in the fast-changing world.  I am a flipgeek.

My workstation. The two fellows encircled were just improvised to
look like geeks like their owner.
I read someone referring geeks as bright individuals tuned inward, poorly socialized who felt so little kinship with his own planet that he routinely traveled to the ones invented by his favorite author.  I don’t know if this can be applied to Filipino geeks or flipgeeks because, as I mentioned a while ago, we are so unique that we go beyond conformity.  We are very friendly and can blend well with other skin colors and alien tongues in any direction.

I grew up associated with a small group of individuals who would often meet in libraries.  Others think that all we do is all about encyclopedias and Atlases.  What they don’t know is that we also talk about Triple H, The Simpsons, Marvel and DC and even sometimes our school crushes.  Inside the “Silence Zone” we also get to be reprimanded with a long sssssshhhhhh! from the school librarian which we thought was cool--- we too can violate rules! We also cut classes. Oh yes we do! I think it was during the opening of a Science center in a mall and the other one was for a local Comic Con.

I learned to read with the help of a Pinoy-made Funny Komiks, improved my math skills with Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and discovered what true love means at the age of 12 because Erika’s boy toy in Daimos is my namesake.  These things I learned as a child, being a flipgeek, are the stuff that made me an able and responsible worker, son, father and husband that I am today.  And hell yeah! I think that is the essence of being a flipgeek.

Today, I have yet to outgrow some stuff that in a few years time, my toddler would also find interesting.  I still collect anything Darth Vader, Charles Barkley and Dragon Ball Z.  My iPad is filled with my favorite anime and cartoon videos and photos.  My e-book collection is composed mostly of pdf version of Marvel and DC comics.  I find joy in browsing some to take a breather from a toxic day at work.  It’s nice to feel like I am a kid again from time to time.

My Charles Barkley collection which started since high school.
Early stage of being a sports geek.
The child in me also led me to discover a cool world for geeks like me where manga, collectibles, comics and tech stuff knows no age. Enter all to this sector in cyberspace called FLIPGEEKS.

The site aims to be the number one online resource for Pinoy and provide news, information and updates on everything pop culture.  And boy, I tell you, it’s like I was a boy in a carnival here with so much stuff to read and events to look forward to.

Personally, I like their take on latest games, books, movies and TV shows but of course, the specialty of the house are comic books--- as in lots of them.  I’ve never been this happy flipgeek before.  I just found home.  Now don’t tell me you were not informed!

I am just thankful I have an understanding wife who even accompany
me in events like the recent Comic Con in SM Megamall.

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