Monday, August 22, 2011

If it's hot... it's Pizza Hut!


One fine fine day became a hot afternoon. 

The well-ventilated mall in Cubao could not take the extra ordinary heat last weekend that you could hear some people saying, "It's hot!"

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  I am just sharing what happened during the press conference of Pizza Hut Philippines with Diether Ocampo, one of their product endorsers, in their outlet at Alimall, Quezon City.

There were dozens of fans who surrounded the venue trying to get a glimpse of the hunk that is Diet who gamely answered questions from the press and even took time to greet everyone in the room and serve them a slice of pizza each.  I don't know any other celebrity who would to that on a presscon.

The event was for the launching of the Pizza Hut Hot on the Dot campaign. Guaranteed hot and on time, Pizza Hut launched their new and improved delivery with the said campaign. Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot revolutionary delivery service takes pride in delivering oven hot and fresh Pizza Hut products to your door step within 30 minutes. According to Ms. Elaine Guzman “the launching of the Hot on the Dot delivery of Pizza Hut is a testament to our commitment to delivery and food service excellence; we want our customers to enjoy the same quality of the products that we serve in our restaurants, oven hot and fresh.”

Pizza Hut’s Hot on the Dot guarantees that the pizza is delivered hot, which can be proven by placing the Hot Dot sticker on the food container. Imported directly from the United States, the Hot Dot is equipped with thermal sensing abilities, which allows the sticker’s color to change from black to grey, with “Hot” printed in bold red, once it is placed on a hot surface. With this new sticker introduced by Pizza Hut, they are not only assuring delivery within 30 minutes, but also hot and fresh products delivered to you, or your order is free.

More and more people are experiencing the Hot on the Dot delivery, so don’t get left behind.  Great tasting pizza is just at your fingertips, call the Pizza Hut delivery hotline 911-1111 or visit to order online to enjoy the world famous pan pizza and other Pizza Hut signature products; and have your orders delivered hot and on time, but be careful because its’ oven hot. Remember, if it’s fresh, hot and on time then it must be Pizza Hut. 


Jaxon Oakley said...

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Jaxon Oakley said...

It has been hot inside the pizza hut for the visitors. All the appeals have been headed for the completion of the infrastructure of the hut for the individuals and young customers.