Friday, June 17, 2011

PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from DOOM to ZOOM!

Beware and be aware!

There is a emerging outbreak in the community today and everyone is advised to take necessary steps to be protected from any harm. Here are the symptoms of the said spate:

1. You tend to slam your desktop keyboard and/ or mouse or hit the CPU subconsciously.

2. You curse your internet provider and make your rants known via FB and/ or Twitter.

3. You always get the same message over the phone: “There is an upgrading of our facilities in your area to improve our service. Sorry but I can’t provide you a definite time when this will be completed.”

4. You dream of a circling light with a note that says "connecting..." as if it’s going to be like that way forever.

If you are experiencing two or more of the mentioned symptoms, there is a big probability that you just caught the wave called SLOKONEKSYONMOSIS.

Do not take this lightly because this epidemic has been reported to have caused a lot of damage to unwilling victims:

a. Loss of sight. Youtube habit is now a mess and you’re missing an average of a dozen of viral videos a day.

b. Loss of hearing. E-radio, podcast and downloading of mp3s either from iTunes or Bearshare is completely silenced.

c. Lost of sense of touch. This is good actually. Only cyber perverts will be affected by this.

d. Lost of sense of taste. You can’t decide what and where to eat because you can’t get updates from your fave food blogs.

e. And worst of all, loss of life (blogging life, that is)

This is kinda scary especially for a blogger, or should I say a Nuffnanger like me. Life has never been the same when I started my Nuffnang life. Any day can be a day of surprises especially when a new promo, contest or event (like the upcoming movie premiere of Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon) is launched. The challenge of making your post more creative and the opportunity to meet new friends online and in person are only some of the great opportunities one can gain. I say Nuffnang tansformed me from a regular blogger to a winner, both figuratively and literally. My proudest moments as a blogger came when I was declared as the grand winner for Aboitiz Power Alter Space (2011), Eveready Everyday Moments (2011) and Funniest Blog for Enervon's Hapontukin contest (2010) by Nuffnang Philippines. Any interruption on my internet connection is definitely a big issue on my part.

That's why I am now considering getting a new internet provider. I just heard the great news from PLDT myDSL that their plan 3000 subscribers will be given a free upgrade from 3mbps to an unlimited speed boost of 5 mbps bandwidth this month of June. This is a big transformation since this kind of connection guarantees a great online experience to every subscriber from playing online games to visiting social networking sites and of course, updating blogs.

Having this internet speed, I can post more entries in my blog, share great photos and videos to my friends and finish lots of work-related tasks in less time! Indeed, PLDT myDSL’s Internet to Sawa TRANSFORMS my Internet experience from DOOM to ZOOM!

And if you think that the Internet to Sawa treat is the only bonus you'll be getting from PLDT, you got to hear this: you'll also get Watchpad, the first ever broadband entertainment portal which enables PLDT subscribers to watch TV Online, with even more exclusive contents plus One (1) year of Free PLDT to PLDT NDD calls!

It's not yet December, right? Why it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With all the these generous gifts and offers from PLDT, I am hearing Christmas bells instead of just wedding bells this June.

Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!


Toni Rose said...

GAHHHHHH and you win another prize again! you won the IPAD!!!

so jealous! :)

what contest was it anyway?

Richard Mamuyac said...

@ Toni Rose... it was a contest sponsored by Aboitiz to promote the FB-based game Alter Space. Great game, try it!

I've been dreaming to have an iPad and this is really a great Father's day gift for me :-)

Semidoppel said...

Wowo congrats, iPad2 kainggit!

Jien said...

awwww, you won that iPad!
Haha. Congrats.

Richard Mamuyac said...

@Semidoppel and Jien... Dami pa goodies/ gadgets na pinamimigay Nuffnang, join lang tayo ng join. thanks for visiting my site :-)