Friday, June 3, 2011

I love BOLD (BlackBerry 9780, that is)

It still makes me smile or even laugh when I’m in the mood every time I remember a funny incident with a former office mate a couple of years ago.

It was December and we already have our 13th month pay out of our ATM cards and were in the midst of a sea of shoppers in a tech center of a big mall. I was looking for gift ideas for my wife while my co-worker was looking for a phone.

The guy bought a dual SIM phone which he will use for his promising loading business while I got some brochures and price list of gadgets and stuff that I need to review before I decide what I will purchase. Before we parted ways, we were talking about movies as we passed by the cinema house of the mall and blurted out something like, “Anganda ng BlackBerry Bold” when I saw a lady carrying a unit near the area.

I heard my officemate said, “Oo, nakita ko na din yun.” Which I thought was just the right reaction.

The next day, I got an email from him around lunchtime with photos of Halle Berry during her eye-popping scenes from the movie Swordfish. It was then that I realize that my buddy thought I was talking about a topless Hollywood actress when I said BB Bold! (But I still give him an A for effort to Google those photos).

Talking about being bold, BlackBerry Bold 9780 is one gadget that is making quite a buzz among the latest smartphones in the market today. It promises to be a perfect companion for people who is always on the go and needs to be always connected via internet to check emails or send reports (that would be me). This handset offers this capability and more, not to mention a classy and edgy look that is an eye catcher. Won’t it be something you can be proud of when you see your clients or office mates trying to get a glimpse of your handsome phone on your table?

There are so many reasons why I love BlackBerry Bold 9780 but I would like to highlight four of it’s great features that makes me wanna own one. I want to make it loud and clear... I love BOLD!

Battery life. With up to 528 hours of standby time and up to 6 hours of talk time, BBB 9780 offers this remarkable spec to their users that other large screen devices can’t match. It’s the sort of handset that you can take away for the weekend and feel secure without bringing the charger. No more moments of going to the nearest convenient store in the middle of business trip just to get a 10-minute cellphone charging for a fee.

Operating System. This latest product from Research In Motion will carry BlackBerry OS 6.0 which offers the universal search. Just type what you are looking for and the BB screen will show you all apps/ files relating to the word you just typed. It’s a fantastic feature that makes looking for photos, emails, or word documents easier. If only someone here in the office can think of something like this so I can finally find my missing pens, stapler and scissors in my cubicle.

LED flash-supported 5MP camera.
BBB 9780 has an improved autofocus camera with 5 megapixels and has easy access to a selection of scene modes, geo tagging and other features. There is also a single LED flash supporting the camera for better shots. You can also get video clips using it. Now, I can leave my digicam at home because I have a decent camera in this phone that I can use for a chance encounter with a celebrity that will eventually end up as my latest profile pic in Facebook.

Display and keyboard. The 2.44 inch display and 480 x 360 pixels resolution may sound like small numbers but ask one of the geeky IT guys in your office and they’ll tell you it translate to 236 pixels per inch which is incredibly sharp. This means that you can still watch your favorite video in a screen the size of the mouth of your boss when he’s angry and still enjoy it since it is clear and vibrant even in direct sunlight. (Apologies for the comparison especially to those who are having their meal)

Now tell me how you can’t love the new BlackBerry Bold 9780! It has answer to all your wants and needs for a smartphone. So, join me and make ourselves heard: I love Bold... I love Bold... I love Bold!

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