Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Items!

I'm sure I am not the only one hunting down Transformer items. As a fan of the classic cartoon series from the 80's, it's like walking down memory lane every time i got a hold of these amazing robot toys. My elementary years was one great era where I get to play with my school buddies with toys that are considered icons today. Aside from TF, we were fond of the Thunder Cats, Voltron, Voltes V, Mask, Bioman and a lot more.

The second installment of the TF movie series officially opened in local cinemas yesterday. My wife managed to win 2 premiere TF tickets from but we decided to give it to her sister and BF who's been bugging us weeks ago if we can snag them free tix for the said movie .

As a consololation, i treated my self for a Jollibbee Kiddie Meal with a free TF toy. There are four toys to collect but Starscream is the only available toy at Jollibbee-Star Mall. I was actually aiming for Ironhide for a good start. Anyways, I still have time to complete the set. I have the four toys from the first promo so I want to make this a tradition since there are at least two more TF movies coming out in the future.

Now, I want to share to all of you this promo courtesy of SM Cinema where you can win TF premium items by answering this simple question: Who played the role of Sam Witwicky? Don't join this contest if you don't know who Shia LaBeouf is, okay?

Just email your answer to along with your name, address and contact nos. Congratulations in advance if you win!

Please do inform me if you know similar promos like this. Thanks

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