Monday, June 8, 2009

The Most STIRRING story in STIR

There was not enough sun to make summer 2009 hot like an oven. No thanks to the early downpour of rain in most parts of the country. But this year proves to be one of the most stirring and hottest summers ever with big news and shocking scandals hitting pinoys from left to right. Every month, a new talk of the town is on the spot light. From the suicide case of the Mrs. Etong to the scary A(H1N1) spread, people were stirred like halo-halo.

But Hayden Kho’s video scandals will be on the radar for quite sometime since there were reports that at least 40 women have been victimized by the doctor in a sheep costume. Three of Kho’s vids with different celebrities have already been passed from laptops to cellphones to PCs and to only God knows where else.

All the while, we thought the issue will die as days pass but it only to gained more noise when, I think, the most stirring story in Stir, came out. It’s the story “KC Concepcion: Hayden’s Victim?”

Imagine this, the daughter of two powerful names in showbiz and politics in a sex scandal? She might even be the country’s first daughter in 2010. The truth about this video will be determined as soon as the hard evidence starts pop out like those of Katrina Halili and two models. Now, everyone is waiting who’s who in Hayden’s Top 40 list.

It’s funny that even people, whom I thought would find sex scandals are immoral, would ask. me if I have a copy of Hayden’s collection. They wanted the one with KC in particular. I asked them if I look like a pervert for them to think that I have the videos they want. They said they were just hoping since I have a cellphone and a PC at home.

This story beats the usual showbiz headlines: KBL. Kasal ni Juday at Ryan (April), Binyag ng anak ni Jennilyn (January) at Libing ni Francis M (March).

I am not a big KC fan (my wife is the one who adores her much) but I do hope that this controversy is just a product of a very playful mind. KC is a role model, a sweetheart, and an advocate of peace and just about anything wonderful in this world. If I see her naked with that Hayden singing, let say, For the First Time or Umbrella or even the Nido theme song that the Megastar sings… that will surely stir my head for a while.

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