Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Meryenda Dilemma at Red Ribbon: Salisbury Steak or Carbonara?

Call me crazy or what but I think, Red Ribbon is stalking me.

Before you raise those trimmed eyebrows of yours, why not listen to my story first. It all started when I used to work as a copywriter/ publicity officer for VIVA Entertainment in the late 90’s. Our office was in E. Rodriguez Sr., Q.C. and just beside our building is Red Ribbon – New Manila Branch. After several years, I found my self working for HTMT, a call center in E. Rodriguez Jr., Quezon City. A few yards from work is Red Ribbon – Libis. Today, I am now employed by a NGO in Mandaluyong City. And two blocks away from the office is Red Ribbon – Shaw Blvd.

Am I complaining? Of course, Not! I am just sharing this crazy thought that in case I will be applying for a job with a new employer, my chances of getting hired will depend whether there is nearby Red Ribbon shop in the area.

Ahhh…too much thinking made me hungry so I went out to get Meryenda at RB. When I looked at the menu on the wall, I can’t help but notice the “new-improved meals” tag at the Salisbury Steak and Carbonara entries. There must something special in these two yummy delights that I have already tried during my previous trips to the store--- but there was no “new-improved meals” tag then.

Hmm… now here’s my dilemma. What will I try first? I may be a little chubby but my stomach can accommodate just one set meal that afternoon.

After quite a debate between my leaf and right brain, I decided to order the Carbonara Meal set for take out. In my cubicle, I spent 15 minutes of heaven. The last time I had RB Carbonara was last month but the moment the first bite landed in my mouth, I can tell that there is definitely something different with it. Creamier…yummier… more delicious… bitin-er (translation: craving for more)… simply a bargain at 120 pesos (I got a slice of Black forest and Coke light with it).

If you’re thinking that I will get Salisbury steak tomorrow. I can’t say yes. Because I might order Carbonara again. It’s another Meryenda dilemma tomorrow at Red Ribbon and I’m not complaining.

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