Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why I love looking at people's behind

I love looking at people’s behind. Don’t get me wrong. I am not sick nor a pervert. What I mean is that I am just fond of checking out passing stranger’s backpacks.

I have been a fan of backpacks since kindergarten. Though I have a couple of messenger bags in my closet, I am more comfortable with bags on my back than sling baggage on my shoulder. That’s why a head turner for me is either a sexy woman or a nice looking backpack.

Sometimes while I am in a fast food shop along a busy street, I would find myself looking at passersby. Big bags… small bags… blue bags… red bags. It’s like I am watching a parade. There’s even creepy backpacks shaped like a coffin or Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas while others are bag version of cartoon characters from grandma’s Betty Boop to that annoying- but-kids-love-him Barney the Dinosaur.

Personally, I just love Hawk bags!  I use one everyday going to work. My son brings his to school. My wife got a traveling bag last year and it has become her favorite companion (next to me of course) in every out-of-town trip .

I had  little research about Hawk bag and I found out that the brand started in 1978 and since then have been the embodiment of quality and durability. Building on this legacy, the brand’s business has steadily grown through the years. The brand believes in having a passion for excellence, which is reflected in every single bag.

Mr. Chester Ching, VKC Incorporated Marketing Director, assures loyal Hawk users like that the quality of their product is a top priority in their business operation. He said, "Our present generation is a thinking market. With the growing demand of our patrons, who are very specific with what they want and need, we cannot compromise not to step up and better our game play. We cultivated from offering a durable brand to giving close attention to the bag’s functionality, stylish design with superior features. By persistently adapting to changes, Hawk is increasingly growing in the market."

At present, VKC Incorporated is the distributor of Hawk products at major malls and department stores all over the Philippines. The bags are available at The SM Store, Landmark, Robinsons Department Store, Metro Gaisano, KCC Mall, Sta. Lucia Mall, Fishermall, Olympic Village and Wellworth.

“Even with the success that Hawk is achieving, we will not be complacent. For 2015, we are targeting to expand more stores nationwide and remain as the prominent provider of quality, innovative and reliable bags in the industry,” Chester Ching says with conviction.

To further adapt to market demands, Hawk is making its digital presence more pronounced. Everyone can buy its wide array of designs with just a click of the mouse at

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