Saturday, January 31, 2015

Uratex - I Trust U

Certified Uratex Family: "The family that sleeps together, stays together... comfortably!"

You know how significant and dependable a brand is when it becomes synonymous to the product. Take the case of Uratex. You’ll definitely think about bed and mattress when you hear the name, right? And when you hear people talk about beds or mattresses, it’s almost a sure thing that the name Uratex will be mentioned in their conversation.

Uratex has been a partner of many Filipinos for almost five decades now--- all the way back from 1968 with visionary Robert Cheng leading the way. After eight Presidents and counting, hundred of typhoons, and good and bad times in the country, Uratex continues to be a part of the Pinoy life, during up and downs of the fast-changing time.

When I was young, one of my favorite play areas is my grandparent’s bedroom. No, it’s not the big space or the unique scent that entice me to keep on coming back, it’s their soft and comfy bed. I would bounce around, roll and dance on it and not mind falling face flat because I know I will land on the softest foam I’ve ever known. And when I get tired, I just lie down on my old folks’ Uratex bed that would lead to one of those blissful siestas.

I got married in 2006 and one of the first things my wife and I acquired is a mattress. I have a little confession to make: We thought we could save more in buying a cheaper brand so we did not get Uratex. Thus, within a year, our once soft and smooth bed transformed into a rough and uncomfortable bedding. There are times that we opted to use mats (banig) or a folding bed or even sleep on the sofa in search for a better sleeping area.

In 2009, our home in Pasig City got soaked in flood waters for a month brought about by the devastation of typhoon Ondoy. We lost most of our furniture and personal stuff. After the flood subsided, that’s the only time we were able to know what things we can still keep and those we should throw away. It was an easy decision to let go our old bed.

The next day, we went to the Uratex outlet in Marikina City and came back to our house with a brand new double size bed for me, my wife and our then 6-month old child. From that day on, my son Charles has always found comfort on our bed whether while watching TV or studying and sometimes I would even catch him bounce around, roll and dance on it just like me when I was a kid.

I trust Uratex because of so many reason that I would like to sum up in a list. When you like to experience real comfort, think about URATEX:

Unmatched quality
Reasonable price
Adherence to costumer service
Top of mind brand
Excellent products
X Factor in innovation

These are just some of the many reasons that make me one of the millions of happy and loyal Uratex costumers of different generations. And so I say, Uratex I Trust U!

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