Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When you’re hungry, go French!

French school boys? Nope, just doing our #TeamFrenchVanilla pose for Nuffnang Philippines #CadburySweetEndings :)

I grew up loving anything French. Well, when I’m hungry, to be precise.

I crave for French toast for breakfast.

When I have burger for lunch, it should have a big serving of French fries with it.

For meryenda, a box of French macarons is the best.  

Come dinner time, I’ll have anything prepared by my wife as long I a get a kiss after saying, “This is the best (whatever food) ever!”

If ever I’ll get an ala-Miss Universe question like, “Outside your family, who would you like to bring for a vacation in Paris? And why?”

The next obvious choice of course is my barkada. Sir Toto is a smooth talker like a light exquisite taste of Vanilla while Ed is cool as chocolate. With the different personalities that we will meet in the French capital, these two guys will be my keys to survival.

Hmm, reminds me of the new Cadbury dairy Milk Franch Vanilla that has been my ally whenever hunger comes especially during toxic workloads where I don’t have the luxury to go out to get some snack. Thus, we can say that we are #TeamFrenchVanilla.

Just in case you also want to taste this new Cadbury flavour, the Milk French Vanilla is available in the big satisfying 180g pack for only P180 for a limited time only. So hurry and grab a bar now and have swwet endings with Cadbury Dairy Milk!

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