Sunday, November 9, 2014

10 Things You Don't Want to Know About Emily Kinney: The Walking Dead'sBeth Greene

If your a big fan of Emily Kinney and her TWD character Beth Greene, don't read the last part of this post that will reveal a major spoiler in the ongoing 5th season of our favorite zombie series.

I am sharing some trivia about our beloved Emily/ Beth that I gathered through the seasons I have followed this addicting AMC  TV show. Here are the 10 things who don't want to know about her:

1. Emily guested in the TV series The Following this year and was murdered in the episode Teacher's Pet.

2. Beth is supposed to be 16 years old in TWD but in real life she just turned 29 last August 15.

3. Emily was once an active blogger of Unscripted Magazine until 2012. Incidentally, there is another blogger in the US named Emily Kinney.

4. If you're planning to date Emily, you can bring her in a coffee shop or a pizza parlor because she is a self-confessed coffeeholic and vegetarian (who loves squash pizza).

5. She has been in the showbiz industry since 2007 but she has only 3 films in her resume.

6. Emily is a catholic but admitted that she doesn't go to church regularly.

7. She once wore a Picachu costume for a job.

8. She's 5'5 and wears size 9 shoes. You know what they say about people with big feet, right?

9. Emily don't have a flawless skin with moles and spots in her chest and a tattoo (a music note with a heart), guess where.

10. Reports says that Beth Greene will say goodbye on the midseason finale of TWD on Dec. 1 (PH time). So savor the remaining episodes we'll see this sweet girl with a golden voice. (Enter sad faces)


Don Garcia said...

"in real life she just turned 29" wow! she doesn't look like 29 years old..that's amazing!
sad face though because she'll be leaving TWD..

Richard Mamuyac said...

@Don... yeah, sad to see her go but someone needs to be bitten every mid-season or season finale. That's based on the TWD forums. The sign is the Beth-pisode 0504 where the spotlight was on her. But for sure another pretty face will be coming to the show soon :)

Rodel Flordeliz said...