Monday, October 21, 2013

TWC 0402: Infected

Michonne in one of the sequences on "Infected"
At least one recurring character of the show will bid goodbye.

I can assure you that this is a harmless spoiler post about The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2: Infected.

Just one friendly reminder. Don't watch this episode during meal time specially if you have low tolerance seeing blood spurts and gutted intestines. Well, if you've been watching TWD since its first season, I think you can handle it anyways. Suit your self.

The first 15 minutes is bloody action-packed and will introduce you to a mysterious character who might also be the same person responsible or have a hand in the death of Patrick in the previous episode.

Too bad, Michonne won't be part of the cat chase inside the prison but will be involved in an unfamiliar situation--- being kicked ass by zombies. Yup, you read it right. Did she die? Hmm, I told you this is a harmless spoiler so better watch the episode to know the answer.

A father with two kids will die. Will it be Rick or Hershel ? Well, their will definitely be emotions pouring at the death bed.

The ending of this episode will open a number of clashes among the characters which will begin on episode 3.

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