Thursday, October 17, 2013

It’s time to own a Foton

The cars we drive say a lot about us.

I couldn’t agree more with American author Alexandra Paul.

My family owns a decade-old car with one unfriendly door at the back which only opens when it feels like to; a portable headrest that I sometimes use as a paperweight for old newspaper at home; and a “loyal” car stereo with only one audible station and a CD player that only plays the Kenny Rogers album.

Now, tell me what you think about me based on the car I drive? Promise... I won’t hit you with this portable headrest that I am holding right now.

During times like these, the only logical thing to do is to look for a new car… JUST look for a new car for the meantime and let’s see when I will be able to buy it. Online is one of the best places to hunt for that dream car. Aside from getting helpful reviews (and rants) about certain brands and models, you can easily compare prices of vehicles from different manufacturers. 

Spending hours googling for our prospective wheels led me to and I must say, the Foton Thunder 4x4 hit me like a lightning (pun intended) and made me tell myself, “It’s time to own a Foton!”

Why would I swap our old car for a Foton? Let me state the reasons one by one using the name of this fast-growing commercial vehicle brand FOTON.

Family Friendly. This 5-seater pick-up is perfect for me and my loved ones who are always on the go. My wife and I love to travel with our 4-year old son Charles. In every journey, we prioritize safety. Foton interior features includes Child Safety Lock, Dual Airbags, 3-point seatbelts and a One-touch Electric Window Control for driver. The last time I got into a vehicle with such wonderful add-ons was when my boss asked me to unload her stuff from her car. 

Outstanding Design. Have you ever experience while on the road, you were marvelled with the good-looking luxury vehicle that just passed by and then you realized it was a Foton. Well, it happened to me once and the first thing I said was, “That’s the one from Willing-Willie?” That’s how eye-popping Foton’s car exterior can be. And when we talk about what’s inside, it would be good to know that Foton has entered into a partnership with diesel engine leader Cummins to produce heavy-duty diesel engines for its vehicles.  Nuff said.

Truly Cost-efficient. Talking about quality cars, Foton definitely offers the best prices. And the fact that you use diesel, you’ll get great mileage. Typically, you’ll get 25 to 30 percent better fuel economy from Foton than similarly performing gasoline engines. Diesels also can deliver as much or more fuel economy than traditional gasoline-electric hybrids. Now if you are still not convinced with the savings you can get from Foton, better look for a solar-powered pick-up or a truck that runs in kerosene.  

One of a kind.  In just 14 years, Foton has become China’s biggest commercial vehicle brand. That speaks a lot about the quality of the brand. Each car is carefully produced in the industry city of Weifang in China (a factory in Subic will open soon) with the vision of helping every Foton owner to succeed in their goals in life that’s why they embraced the tagline “Empower Your Business.”  Well, I don’t mind using my car for trades and transactions. I would probably have the best-looking mobile canteen in Ortigas or Makati.

Never-ending possibilities.  Owning a Foton not only gives comfort and safety to users or a remarkable tool for business to succeed. Having this car opens many opportunities to different kind of people who are looking for their dream car. If ever I get to own a Foton Thunder in the future, I’ll be packing our stuff and be touring the country with my family as far as where our wheels can bring us. For me, owning a Foton is a great fortune.  It’s more than just a car, it is realization a dream.  

Are you looking for your dream car like me?

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