Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Shopping Man (SM) in me

You know how significant and dependable a brand is when it becomes synonymous to something people love. Take the case of The SM Store. You’ll definitely think about shopping when you hear the two-letter name, right? That’s why we often hear the phrases “Nag-SM ako” or “SM tayo mamaya.”

SM has been a part of many Filipinos’ everyday lives. From dining to family bonding, to shopping adventures and new great discoveries, everyone has an exciting story to tell about his or her SM experience unless, of course, that person happens to live under a rock. 

My favorite shopping mall is everywhere and have become landmarks and preferred meeting places of people binded by a goal of finding quality products at reasonable prizes. Personally, I have great memories about The SM Store growing up. From top to toe, there’s a touch of SM in me since birth. That’s why I can proudly say that, “Laki ako sa SM.”     

I’ll tell a chapter of the great SM experience I have by opening my closet, literally. I want to share my fashion finds and why I love to shop at The SM Store. 

I am SM all over! If not for the company-issued pants and polo uniform, my outfit everyday is likely 100% bought from the largest mall chain in the country. Every working day, I wear a black slip-on and lace-up leather shoes interchangeably every other day (and soon to be added is a pair of Milanos shoes that I can’t get over with since I saw it last weekend) along with long BioFresh casual socks.

Oopps, I almost forgot to mention that I am also wrapped with a Walker boxer shorts and Yacht Club undershirt every weekday.  For my fashion gears, I flaunt my cool Giordano sunglasses and Alba wristwatch (I am a fan of the brand since the 80’s) to complement my leathers--- Hickok wallet and McJim belt.   And you’ll definitely stare on my behind every time I carry my hip Jansport bag.

Come dress down Friday and the weekends, I can mix and match any of my fave tops with my Uniqlo pants. Almost every Sunday, we spent our family date at SM Cubao, Megamall or to the newly opened SM Aura since they are near to our house in Pasig. Every visit there, I see to it to grab a new shirt either from the men’s or teens' section. I love statement shirts and also those with movie-inspired prints. I am also fond of the brand Tribal because I dig their designs and find them very comfortable on my body plus the fact that it’s wash and wear.

I have two pairs of footwear still in their boxes waiting for the time in case any of my active casual/ rubber shoes will show sign that they already need to retire. These shoes I bought all from The SM Store--- Converse Chuck taylor, World Balance running shoes and Fila sneakers--- are durable that looks like they will still last for a long time. This is just a proof that when you buy it from SM, you'll definitely get the quality product they promise to their customers. 

I am just grateful that I there is one store in our country that basically provide the needs of every person entering their very inviting glass doors. I am already in my mid-30’s and I can say that the store has also grew up with me and continues to capture my taste and sense of style. It still offers things my generation are accustomed with and at the same time present new products for us to try thus we’re up to date with the latest trend.

I remember asking my 4-year old son once if he gets tired going to SM every weekend.

He quickly answered, “No!”

I asked why and he said, “Because SM has everything.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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