Friday, September 7, 2012

Vitamin for kids that pops


Chase scenes... chairs and tables knocked down... someone begging for mercy.

A nice sequence for a sure hit action thriller in the silver screen. But you don't have to pay for movie tickets and a tub of pop corn to see these things unfold. Just got to our house and might catch me and my wife doing the villain roles to our son Charles who will do everything he can to stop us from giving him his vitamins.

There are days that we wish that are better alternatives in giving gives their daily dose. There are moments we would research online and join parenting forums on how to handle picky kids like our little Charlie. There are times we get wonderful suggestions and clever ideas.

One of those times just happened to be today. I received a parcel from Unilab this morning and it contains something my son might be interested--- a new vitamin like no other.

The name is Vitapops, the first and only pop rocks vitamin C in the country.  Here's what this innovative vitamins for kids in a nutshell:

1. First and only pop rocks Vitamin C in the country.
2. Parents can give both a  fun and healthy dose of vitamins to their kids.
3. It comes in Sodium Ascorbate form of Vitamin C so it is tummy-friendly and can be taken on an empty stomach.
4. It contains only 1/5 of the sugar content of normal vitamins preventing tooth decays
5. It comes in single dose sachets which make it convenient for moms to give to kids. It can even be given as part of their everyday "baon."

The only downside is that the vitamin is good for kids 7 years old and above thus, Charles have to wait a little over three more years before he can get popin' with it.  Good thing I have some nieces and nephews old enough to try it. The verdict? They love it and were asking for more. 

Vitapops is now available in drugstores nationwide. Now your kids don't have any more reason to be an action star wannabe when it comes to taking vitamins.

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