Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Derek and Ann's A Secret Affair

"Kaya Querida kasi kiri... kaya mistress nakaka-stress"

Another classic line from what could be the run-away blockbuster movie of the year.


You have Derek Ramsay again as the man in between the tug-of-war of two georgeous woman which one happens to be somebody named Ann Curtis. You can only expect hot, sizzling and exciting sequences that any drama-sucker and the likes love.

The pair just scored big with No Other Woman last year with  another hottie Cristine Reyes as their co-star. Now, the duo who plays the role of a loving couple who became the subject of Andi Eigenmann's home wreckin' ways in the film.

No Other woman holds the title as the second highest grossing Filipino film of all time having a gross of P278 million.This new movie with a similar theme might hit it big since people these days seems interested in complicated relationships.

Now, here's the movie trailer of A Secret Affair courtesy of a former officemate in VIVA:

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