Friday, August 17, 2012

Fan lang ako ni Senator Sotto

Looking on the bright side, the now infamous "Blogger lang iyon!" words of Sen. Tito Sotto is giving some publicity to the blogging community.

This morning, while being squeezed in between a big guy in sando (with a healthy hair growth on his armpits) to my left and a petite lady using her cellphone as a calculator to my right inside a nice smelling FX (I just love vanilla scent), I overheard two guys at the back conversing about Tito Sen.  Their conversation was something like this:

Guy 1: Ano ba yung blogger?
Guy 2: Sa internet yun. Parang media.
Guy 1: E, bakit parang galit si Tito Sotto.
Guy 2: Ewan ko. I-Google mo kaya.
Guy 1: Mamya na, Facebook muna ko

I am not Lastikman (Hi, Bossing!) to be able to stretch my neck up and check what those young fellows are looking at but base on the other topics that I heard them talked about (there is no radio in the FX so what can I do?)--- they're doing Facebook using their mobile phones.

Deep inside, I said wow to myself (something I find funny imagining myself actually doing it). Why? For the first time in my life, since being introduced to world of blogging in 2007, it’s the first time that I heard people inside a public utility vehicle (MRT/ LRT, jeepneys, tricycle and habal-habal included) talking about the B word. Nah, I’m not talking about Blair Carabuena.

Imagine this: millions of Filipinos watch Eat Bulaga everyday then suddenly they heard one of their hosts talking about blogs and bloggers. One unaware soul might get curious and will Google or ask another person to check what the heck he is talking about.

Let’s face it, many Filipinos have little information abouth bloggers. Some who have heard about bloggers like me even have some unpleasant impressions about us--- gatecrashers, loot bag looters and trying hard wannabes who wants to get media privileges just because he/ she has the ability to write and post something online. Let’s not even forget about Mr. BigBad Blogger.

But with the Tito Sotto incident, I would like to believe that people will be interested to check out blogs a little different now. And I’m sure, people will find a gem or two with the many great bloggers in the cyberspace, and who knows in the end they might even get interested to make a site of their own.

For me, blogging is one of the best things that ever happened in my life. It’s a stress buster, online diary, gateway to new friends and contacts, a way to get for free things I have no means of buying,  a taste of good life, ticket to (instant) fame ,  a full-time/ part-time job... it’s my life!
I am proud to be a blogger the same way I have been a proud TVJ fan ever since I started to learn to sing and dance the Eat Bulaga theme song when I was just 5 years old.

Mahal ko po kayo, Sen. Sotto dahil ang mga tough hits nyo ang nakasama ko sa pagtawa sa mga panahong walang dahilan para magpakaligaya... pinasarap n’yo lalo ang luto ng nanay ko sa tanghalian dahil kayo ang kasama naming sa hapag-kainan... at higit sa lahat, mahal ko kayo dahil hindi LANG kayo TV host, artista o senador para sa akin. Naging bahagi na po kayo ng buhay ko!


Mommy Pehpot said...

ang masasabi ko lang, nakakatakot ka palang kasakay sa FX.. napaka observant mo naman LOL

Richard Mamuyac said...

lol... mommy pehps, ngayon ko lang nabasa 'to. Di ko napansin observant nga ako sa FX kaya wag kang tatabi sa akin sa shuttle service pag may event hehe