Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Good News for SMP Members

"Mr. Suave" Chito Miranda and "Mr. Hotshot" Chris Tiu looks cool with their outfits from Uniqlo

Few days from now, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The "Ber" months are coming and no one can stop them from happening. While others begin to repent and do novenas almost everyday in fear of the end-of-the-world predictions based on the Mayan calendar, some are actually starting to prepare for the cold days ahead.

Radio stations start to play Christmas tune, malls doing mega sales almost every month, and "single" guys and gals making some end-of-the-year moves to try to change their status in Facebook even to "complicated" as long as they can finally graduate from their membership in SMP or Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko.

Taking about cold days ahead, would you like to wear something fashionable during the holidays to finally escape your annual and "default" get-up every December?  Your cardigan from your last visit to Baguio City or your sweat shirt from high school or college (which is obviously five years old already based on the school year printed on the front) need the retirement it deserves for years of service.

Now here's the good news: Japan’s No.1 fashion brand UNIQLO introduces to the country its latest in FASHION INNOVATION, the Ultra Light Down Collection of vests, coats, parkas and jackets, that are sure to become a must-have for frequent travelers as well as street and office fashionistas.

The “warm” fashion statement for this season, UNIQLO Ultra Light Down is an innovation of lightness, weighing in at a surprisingly light 206 grams, or the equivalent of a summer shirt, while providing the ultimate comfort and warm. It is an innovation of material, utilizing super light nylon made from ultra-thin thread while preserving its durability and softness. Lastly, it is an innovation of mobility, as the apparel packs down to the size of a small milk carton allowing one to store it in a bag which makes it perfect for travel or people on the go.

Not to forget about fashion, the Ultra Light Down collection boasts a wide array of silhouettes, colors and prints, all featuring unique ultra lightweight quality. The entire collection of men’s and women’s lines is comprised of more than 100 colors. New designs perfect for our wet season include a casual yet elegant women’s A-line silhouette with a three-quarter sleeve as well as a men’s half-length silhouette, ideal for the commute to work or an evening out with friends and loved ones.

UNIQLO has carefully selected prints featuring easy-to-coordinate patterns such as dots and checks. The protective and comfortable gear are not only great for the outdoors, but the Ultra Light Down tops are so light and sleek they make the perfect underlayer for chilly days ahead. A FASHION INNOVATION that delivers style, comfort and warmth, the Ultra Light Down collection is set to transform the way Pinoys dress going forward.

The UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Vest is now available at the UNIQLO store located at the 2nd floor, Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. Other ULD products will be available in December of this year. Store hours are from 10AM to 10PM.

Now that's one Christmas to be excited about!

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