Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project

Influential Blogger by Ms. Janette Toral continues with its annual quest to find the emerging influential blogs. Now in its fifth year, all bloggers are invited to send in their nominees so those who truly deserves will be recognized.

Below is my list of nominees based on my taste. Actually, these blogs have influenced me in one way or another:

1. Mommy Survival Guide. Parenthood, relationships and other things in between shared through great posts based on experiences and stuff stumbled upon the net.

2. Certified Foodies - For the Love of Food! . This blog is sad to have started with the purpose of hopefully encouraging people to go back to their kitchens and cook. One will also be encouraged to eat more with the food adventures shared here.

3. Kwento ni Toto. I just love the blog's name. I share some of Toto's views and stories especially about fatherhood, me being a parent as well.

4. 7107 Reasons. Be forever proud proud of our country with 7000+ more reasons from this innovative and clever blog.

5. BLOG-PH.com is an up-and-coming lifestyle blog which is quite making a buzz in the local blogosphere. Why? Well, check out and discover for your self.

6. Foodtrip. No need to explain. If your hungry and is on a look out for a new dining tables to feast, you can get some good tips from this site.

7. Purple Plum Fairy. The blog was created in Feb. 1, 2010 but the site actually took off in eight months later with it's first post. Won a blog contest from Nuffnang early this year and feature freebies from time to time.

8. Mapagbigay ka ba? An advocacy blog for people who are looking for individuals or organization to help. The counterpart of the contest blog Mapanghingi ka ba?
9. Lakwatsera Mom. A mom's journey to what ever life has to offer. She's everyehere thus living up to her blog's name.

10. Girl Kuripot. Who doesn't know Boy Kuripot? Well, his tag team partner in real life has also ventured with a contest blog for her self.

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LN said...

Yay! Thank you so much Richard for the nomination :)

Richard Mamuyac said...

No, prob Ellen. Your blog deserve it! :-)

blankPixels of Certified Foodies said...

Richard, thank you so much for voting for our blog! *hugs*

See yah VERY soon! Weehhh ^_^

Vance M. Ramos said...

Hi, bro! I was surprised to see my blog on your list. OMG! I am so honored for considering my humble blog. Thank you so much. Yeah, you're right. My blog had started in Feb but I was hesitant to blog at first, so I ended up writing articles only around October of last year. Anyway, sobrang thank you po. :)