Friday, July 1, 2011

Hi Pangga! The real story about Energy FM's transfer

This is to answer the question that has been bugging my pangga, my wife Leah: Ano nang nangyari sa Energy FM?

For sure, there are others there who are asking the same question since we have not heard over the radio for the longest time the annoying yet effective line, "wag mong sabihing radyo, sabihin mo Energy" to be followed by the "Me ganun" mantra of the funniest DJ "sa balat ng universe" Mr. Fu (now working for 103.5 Wow FM).

Well here's the deal, Energy FM left the 91.5 frequency (now known as Big Radio) to transfer to 106.7, the spot formerly known as Dream Radio owned by businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco. It's pure business decision since the later radio station wanted to trek a new journey towards the masa street and that's basically the main reason behind the move. No details on the amount involved in the acquisition which is not really important as long as the listeners of the station will get a better if not the same program and fun they got used to in Energy's new home.

Welcome 106.7 Energy FM! Actually, it's the second 106.7 Energy FM in the world because there is another station based in the US that has the same brand and frequency, coincidentally. Click HERE to check what I am talking about.

Now, my wife can now go back to work without wearing a question mark on top of her head with new Energy. If you're asking me what I FM station I listen to, it's a mess! I channel surf at night from Papa Dan of LS FM to Papa Jack of Love Radio, Tambalang Tikbalang and BNO of Magic. But my all-time fave FM duo is definitely Chico and Delamar... my all-time fave trio are Brewrats DJ Tado, Angel and Ramon.

See, I told you it's a mess!


Anonymous said...

Aw! 106.7 is The Big Mix Kool106 nung 90s.. hehehe.. big fan din ako ng 106 dati.. sayang at wala na cla..

Richard Mamuyac said...

Sad no? I just hope there will be alternative venues of stations without so much jokes and rants.

thanks for the comment :-)