Monday, May 16, 2011

Pizza at Yellow Cab is great as their crew

When I like something, I either make a shout out about it on my FB wall or tweet a line about the experience. But if I really really like about it, I blogged about it.

Last May 8 (yup, eight days ago and if not for Blogger's last week vacation mode this could have been posted a little earlier), my wife celebrated Mother's day with me and our 2-year old son Charles Anthony in a place where she least expected.  Our previous celebrations were held in restaurants where you'll feel that it's only us in that place.  But this year, we had a pizza party with dozens of screaming fans watching the Pacquiao-Mosley fight live at Yellow Cab - People Support in Makati City.

I know it's not the place that she has in mind but it went out fine because (1) Manny Pacquaio won (as expected), (2) we gained new friends, (3) we got FREE lunch and other goodies and (4) the crew at the Yellow Cab are so accommodating especially that friendly waitress who even played with my son (the only uninterested individual in the fight).

Thanks for the treat Yellow Cab Philippines, Nuffnang Philippines and PLDT My DSL Watchpad.  

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