Thursday, May 19, 2011

I need a DIVOOM DIVO boom on my desk

Funny but I just observed that my loudest “officemate” is actually one of the most unnoticed fellows in our workplace.

He’s tall, dark and kinda handsome but never receives the attention that many people who possess such adjectives are getting. Same goes with his identical twin brother. Yup, there are two of them who for almost three years have occupied one corner in my cubicle announcing news, playing music and even guided me from time to time how to properly pronounce a new word I just met. I am not talking about our HR guy, I am actually referring to my company-issued pair of speakers.

I don’t know why people would dance and sing along to the tune that I play but never pause for a while to check the speaker where the music is coming from. Or why others would listen attentively to breaking e-radio news but failed to commend the source of the clear broadcast sound. That’s why I call my pair the KSPeakers (sounds like the monicker that my wife used to call me when I was still courting her a few years ago).

But I want to say thank you, thank you (one each to the twin) dear speakers! I just hope you look a little different (even without the make-over I gave you) so then I will have the needed “attraction” in my cubicle.

How I wish I could have a Divoom Divo, one of the fanciest looking speakers today. I believe it is more than just a speaker because I can think of other use for it other than getting quality crisp audio.

Image courtesy of

1. It can be a boss pleaser. I don’t know with your supervisor but our office head will be delighted to see products like this speaker and I would not be surprise if one day he’ll ask about it. Because Divoom Divo looks like a head with headsets on, I think this is will hold his wig better than keeping it inside his attaché case.

2. It may give me a chance to be friends with our IT guy and even get access to Facebook and other restricted sites. You know how these people love high-tech gadgets and I’m sure they’ll be impress with Divoom Divo’s 2.1 speakers, deep bass from a long throw subwoofer and a “touch” control for volume using the “ears.”

3. Divoom Divo will be a good source of pick-up lines for any unsuspecting woman who will go inside my cubicle to check this one of a kind speaker on my desk. I can think one right now that goes, “Miss, ipinaglihi ka ba sa speaker? Anlakas kasi ng dating mo, eh.” (sobrang cheesy!)

4. And lastly, Divoom Divo is simply a joy to look at and can be a good stress buster by just staring at it. Imagine having a speaker with an unusual yet classy look with a quality comparable to other good 2.1 speakers.

Anyways, if you’re like me who wants to own this wonderful speaker, you can check Apple stores like A Shop (Podium and Eastwood) to have a better view of Divoom Divo which cost only P2,900.

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Mommy Leah said...

Ang cute nun speakers! :-)

LN said...

oo nga, ang ganda tingnan ng speakers na yan. akin na lang. hehe :)

Richard Mamuyac said...

Hi Kuwentong ina and Ellen Joy!

Sali na din kayo sa blogger's contest ng They are actually giving away 3 speakers to the winners! :-)

Divina Joy said...

Haha, kakatawa. Kala ko officemate mo yung papansin.

Following you now.. :) follow back?

Richard Mamuyac said...

Hi Divina!

Thanks for visiting my site. just followed your blog :-)