Friday, December 11, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist 2009

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I have already wrapped the gifts for my friends and love ones come the 25th. The only person I have yet to buy a gift is myself. So, I made a wishlist for this year and blogged it just in case someone out there is looking for clues of what I want for Christmas:

1. a box of Mongol pencils
2. DVD copy of the complete season of The Wonder Years
3. Eraserheads’ first 3 albums--- Ultralectromagnetic Pop, Circus & Cutterpillow
4. a USB thumb drive
5. an Orocan keepsake box

Some of you might find my list a little odd but it’s actually for someone I love dearly.

I want a box of Mongol pencils since I am having a hard time finding this brand in my favorite supplies shop. I am a fan of Mongol and owe a lot to it since this was my tool when I first drew my first stick figures.

Back in high school, I actually believed that my life story is based in Fred Savage’s hit US TV series “The Wonder Years” because I can relate to every episode--- first crush… first love… first basted! (Yaiks!) *sigh*

When I entered college in 1993, a bunch of young rockers from UP launched their single “Ligaya” from their debut album. It started my love affair with Eraserheads’ music. Though it’s a toss between Circus and Cutterpillow as to what is their best album ever.

With a USB thumb drive, I’ll be able to put there memorable photos, videos and other files that I can safely keep for a special occasion in the future.

All of these items will then be placed inside an Orocan keepsake box. I can’t think of a cheaper time capsule that is as durable and dependable than an Orocan.

As I said, these things are not for me. I’m keeping them for my little Charles who is 8-month old as of this writing. I want him to experience some of the best things I stumbled upon in this journey called life. I just can’t wait for the moment we can talk about his first day in school or sing a duet of “Ang Huling El Bimbo”

If you have a wish list of your own, you might want to share it and join a contest sponsored by where you could win a limited edition Starbucks thumb dive.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Richard Mamuyac said...

This blog post is among the Top 6 entries... sa Jan 17 daw annoucement ng winners hehe

Parang Oscar diba?

Ria said...

congrats on making it to the top 6 :-) gusto ko rin nung wonder years dvd!