Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Legend of the Saint

I was inspired to blog about my PBA idol after his back-to-back 30-point games vs. Coca Cola and Barako Bull recently.

Did you know why Tubid was known as "The Saint" during his college, PBL and pre-Ginebra days?

Well, it was long story but I will make it short. During a game in his first year as a UE Warrior in the UAAP, Tubid was on the charity line for couple of freethrows. A high-ranked CBCP official was watching the game. This official was actually commissioned to look for "the face" for Pedro Calungsod, the Filipino who lives centuries ago who was ordained to be the second Filipino saint next to San Lorenzo Ruiz

After seeing Tubid on TV, the church official said to himself, "This is the face of Pedro Calungsod!"

And the rest is history!

Today, Tubid is known as "Mr. Fearless" --- 1/3 of Ginebra' "The Fast, the Furious and the Fearless" along with Jayjay Helterbrand and Mark "The Spark Caguiao".
There was also a time Tubid was referred as "The Rocket" by PBA commentators

Let's give the "Rocket" monicker to JC Intal who has been using in the amateur league. I've been a fan of Tubid since his college years. I followed his career to his PBL stint with Welcoat to PBA teams Shell and Air 21 and of course in Ginebra. One thing has never change, his flair and intensity as soon as he steps on the hardwood is still there. Not to mention his remarkable athleticism.

The last time I really got hooked to a basketball player was to the Living Legend Sen. Robert Jaworski (also a UE Alumnus) and NBA's Charles Barkley.

Going back to the monicker thing. I really prefer "The Saint" for Tubid. Since he glides in the air as if he has wings and has been the savior of the Gin Kings when Caguioa and Helterbrand are not available. But the "Fearless" is also a fit.

Hmmm.. how about St. Fearless... parang St. Elmo's Fire and dating :-)

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