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Six things you love but you have Zero clue that they are already 60 years old

English Philosopher C.E.M. Joad once said, “Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. “

Truly, turning 60 is quite a feat thus one of the most precious stones represent such accomplishment. Happy Diamond year to everyone and everything that are in their senior year as of today!

Below is a list of six things you love but you might have zero clue that they are already 60 years old:

1. Frisbee – On 14 January 14 1957, toy company Wham produced the first-ever Frisbee that started millions of play for fun on a beach, in the backyard, at night, with kids, your friends, your dog from one generation to another.

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2. Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat – One of the all-time favorite children's books written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss and first published in March 1957. The story centers on a tall anthropomorphic cat whose tale was relived in the silver screen in 2003.

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3. Laser - American physicist Gordon Gould recorded his analysis and suggested applications in a laboratory notebook under the heading "Some rough calculations on the feasibility of a LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”—the first recorded use of this acronym. Official date of the invention lf laser is on 13 November 1957.

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4. Lego – Godtfred Kirk Christiansen files for patent for the iconic plastic Lego brick on 28 January 2018. From that day on, his company Lego (derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means "play well") has made more than 400 billion pieces/ elements of the best-selling educational toy.

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5. Ellen DeGeneres – Her show named after her is one of the most watched syndicated American TV programs. And who would have thought  this actress, comedienne and host just turned 60 last January 26.

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6. SM or Shoe Mart - SM was founded as a shoe store by Henry Sy, Sr., in 1958 in downtown Manila--- a store layout and merchandising concepts never before tried in the Philippines.

Incidentally, this weekend will be an #AweSM “Sweet 60” at SM Supermalls treating valued shoppers with tons of sweet treats, fun deals, and visual delights.

There will be a “Sweet 60” activity area featuring an interactive play experience, where shoppers can immerse themselves in a fantastic wonderland colors and desserts. In collaboration with Boysen, Fruits In Ice Cream, The Dessert Museum, and the Lost Bread – Sm Megamall’s #AweSM Weekend Party is Instagram wonderland where you can splurge on dessert treats and freebies, and snap photos at different activity stations.

Steven Tan, SM Supermalls CEO shared, “For six decades, every kind of celebration and family fun bonding has happened in an SM mall. This time, we are bringing unique, over-the-top experiences we know that will truly delight our shoppers. This is also our way of saying Thank You to our loyal shoppers for making SM a part of their families through the years”.

As part of the #AweSM weekend, a giant logo projection mapping show at SM Megamall’s facade along EDSA, and a relaunch of SM’s “We’ve Got It All Jingle”, sang by Ramonne Rodriquez of The Voice will be witnessed. SM Woman Divas, Frenchie Dy, Radha and Bituin Escalante and SM Little Stars Annatacia Penny and NU Pep Squad performed.

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And the best treat of them all is that customers can also indulge in fun summer eats and dining deals in SM malls across the country during the weekend and enjoy exciting promos that celebrates the number 60 – Pay only P60, Pay P60 less, or Pay only 60%!

The 60th year celebration is an exciting culmination of SM’s humble beginnings from its first shore store in Carriedo, Manila, opened by Henry Sy, Sr. in 1958. The party started with the #AweSM launch event early in the week that gathered SM’s partners, tenants, celebrities, and valued stakeholders who have been part of SM’s journey from a one-store operation to one of the Southeast Asia’s largest integrated property developers.

The Sweet 60 activity area will be at Mega Fashion Hall until May 28. For more info about SM’s #AweSM 60 years, visit SM Supermalls Facebook page (@smsupermalls) or check out

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