Friday, April 15, 2016

Hot Wheels is Epic and other things you might not know about it

If there is something I am avoiding these days, it’s anything hot.

I hate going out in the afternoon because the sun is just unforgiving these days. Sizzling plates will be my final option when ordering in a restaurant because the last time I had it, I accidentally burned by right arm while taking a call. And lastly, I can’t bear looking at hot chicks walking by the beach… when my wife is around, of course.

However, there’s always an exception. For a daddy like me, bonding moments and great memories with my son can start in great looking cars that we can put in our pockets. These cute yet astig die-cast toys is our favorite especially the ones bearing the brand Hot Wheels.

Last April 9, my wife and I accompanied our son Charles to the first of six qualifying races of the Hot Wheels Epic Race held in SM Megamall. The succeeding races are scheduled next day on the same venue and on April 16 and 17 at SM BF Paranaque and at SM San Lazaro on April 23 and 24. The Semi-Finals and Finals Round will be on May 14 and 15 respectively.

My son Charles was like walking in Hot Wheels paradise with the great set-up created by the organizers. Children were very busy that day. Well, I did had a chance to play a little because that day, everyone in the venue are kids of all ages. Let's say I was also busy that day.

Charles was the last participant among 64 registrants and he did not mind waiting because he never had a dull moment because of the fun play area and displays at the activity center. 

My son’s entry was not able to finish the whole orange race track and only registered 155 inches of length covered. I just hope it makes the Top 20 cut. But whether he make it to the next rounds or not, Charles is a winner that day because we bought him new Hot Wheels, met new friends and experienced the Epic Race.

For fellow Hot Wheels fans, here are some trivia you might want to know about our favorite car brand. Did you know that...

... Since 1968, more than 1,000 models and over 20,000 variations of Hot Wheels cars have been created.

....Hot Wheels make 8.9 million cars every week. That's more than five times the worldwide production of life-size cars.

... 10.5 Hot Wheels cars are sold every second worldwide.

.... 6,000 miles of orange track are produced and sold each year enough to go from Los Angeles, USA to Rome, Italy.

....1.1 million die-cast were sold in the Philippines in 2015.

...  HW is the no. 1 Selling store's product at Toy Kingdom and Toy Kingdom Express for 2015 based on units sold

... and lastly, it is the no. 2 brand of Toy kingdom and Toys R Us for Boys last 2015, next to Star Wars Movie tie-in toys.

You still have a chance to bring your kids in the next Epic Races. It's an experience you and your child will truly remember for a long time.


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