Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Do More With Less this Holiday season

2015 will be remembered by many Filipinos as the year when we witness how small things made big impacts to our lives.

Who can forget that simple kilig smile and pabebe wave that launched the phenomenal AlDub love team and spread good vibes all over the world (not to mention the dozens of TV ads that we will definitely see until next year or who knows until when). Or how about the struggling indie film outfit that defied the highly commercialized local showbiz industry and produced the bio pic Heneral Luna that made history in the box-office. Or how can you move on from the thousands of viral memes that we pass around online and even in our everyday conversations which were basically derived from just about any ordinary thing around us. I’m talking about the very clever and creative #hugot lines, of course (Kung hindi mo agad nakuha. What’s new? Kaya nga hanggang ngayon e umaasa ka pa rin).

Talking about hugot moments (which are even more relevant this Christmas season when most of us find this time perfect to reflect on the year that is about to bid goodbye), here are some tips, amusing they may seem, that may help you survive the holiday rush this year and beyond even if you only have less to do more.

CONSERVE ENERGY. Almost every home takes pride on how beautiful their Christmas trees are during this most wonderful time of the year.  We want our tree to be the brightest and most colorful it can possibly be. Just don’t sleep at night with those Christmas lights still turned on not only to conserve energy but also to avoid accidents in case a power outage or electrical wiring issue. Besides, true beauty comes out from simplicity.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. We become more generous and thoughtful individuals during the Yuletide season. We spend more money during December than any month of the year (unless your a politician, of course). But have you ever thought of spending more time with your family and loved ones? You have filled your IG and FB wall with photos of your company and weekend getaway with friends, I hope you can “insert” in your loaded schedule a family “we time” before you realize your baby is already a lady.

MAKE A SHOPPING LIST... AND KEEP IT. How many times did you go home from the mall asking yourself why you bought something you don’t even need. We sometimes tend to purchase stuff when we see them marked as “SALE” which eventually will end up in the attic or under your bed for a looooooooonnnnngggg time. A wise shopper has a list of people whom he/ she will buy a present. A wiser shopper will keep that list until the gifts are all given to the recipients. For sure, you also have moments that a person visited your home and you can’t find his gift because you already gave it to someone else, accidentally or purposely. That small piece of paper called “the list” can help you avoid this from happening again.

Image credit: how-to-recycle.blogspot.com
RECYCLE. You received gifts, big and small in the most colorful papers, bags and boxes. What do you do with the gift wrappers? If you can be just that careful in unwrapping gifts, you can re-use the papers to wrap your own gifts or find other uses like ornaments for DIY Christmas decors and making lanterns. By doing this, you lessen the clutter in your house while saving some money. This would also be a good start to initiate recycling in your home. I’m sure you’re aware that plastic containers of mineral water, softdrinks, cooking oil and newspaper can be sold. Start this coming January and by December next year, you might be surprise of how much you have earned.

IT’S BETTER TO RE-HEAT FOOD THAN TO SPOIL IT. During Christmas and New Year’s eves, our dining tables will be turned like buffet platforms like those we see in restaurants. But yours has a much better deal because everyone can eat for FREE. It’s a sure thing that you’ll have bowls of leftovers from your feasts and more plate-full delicacy from your neighbors. If you have plastic containers, keep food that won’t easily spoil like lechon and adobo and just reheat them. You don’t have to cook for the next 2-3 days and you will stilll have a happy tummy. Trust me, our Electrolux microwave oven has been a great companion it situation like this in more than three years now.

Indeed, the holiday season brings the that one of a kind joy that we only experience during this time of the year. It’s up to us how we will make the moment more magical. One sure way is to do more with less. Wishing everyone a blessed and fruitful 2016!

This blog post is in support of the #DoMoreWithLess advocacy led by Electrolux Philippines.

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